Friday, April 29, 2016

We Appreciate You

This next week is National Teacher Appreciation week.  We try to find ways throughout the year to really help you all see how much you are appreciated.  This week we'll take a little more time to recognize the tireless work that each and every one of you put into all of our kids.

I am so proud of the work this team has done this year.  I smile big thinking of the email I just received yesterday from a parent.  She stated how she's felt new life in our staff and how every time she comes on our campus it radiates love.

That is something worth being known for.  Let's continue to work hard until the very last day.

We should never be counting down the days until the year is over, but instead counting down to how many days we have left to make a difference.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Monday - "We think you're pretty sweet" - PTO will provide donuts for breakfast and the Admin team are filling the lounge with sweets for you to enjoy throughout the day.
Tuesday - "What is sweet without a little salt too" - Admin team will fill the lounge with salty snacks for you to enjoy throughout the day.
Wednesday - "Enjoy a Free Lunch!" - PTO will be providing lunch in the lounge
Thursday - "Winner! Winner!" We'll be giving out giftcards throughout the day!
Friday - "I Scream, You Scream" - Ice cream will be provided as a special treat.
***you can also enjoy jeans days all week this week!

Week At a Glance

Monday - Book Fair Begins
Staff Meeting at 3:45pm
Tuesday - Family Movie Night - 5-7pm
Wednesday - Team Leader Mtg - 7am
Tier III 6 Weeks Meeting
Thursday - Cinco De Mayo Program - 7:45am
National Day Of Prayer Event - VFW - 7pm (all staff invited to attend)

Team Planning

Monday - 5th Grade
Tuesday - 4th Grade
Wednesday - 3rd Grade
Thursday - None
Friday - Kinder


STAAR is coming in a week (May 9-11).  We will be finalizing testing rosters, getting bins ready, and doing any last minute planning.  May 9th and 10th will definitely be all hands on deck as we'll be testing 3rd, 4th, AND 5th grade retakes.  


Amy (Glaab) Carpentier - Wednesday, May 4

Kids Deserve It Shirts

Kids Deserve It is selling t-shirts again.  This time there are 6 colors to choose from and the style of the shirt is like the Webb Elementary shirt fabric.  More info here:


Rockstar Educators

Lucille Glass - Lucille is one of our Life Skills 1 aides.  Lucille is such a quiet soul but one that is so genuine and passionate.  I watch her with her students and constantly amazed at her patience and love.  She always has a smile and is willing to lend a helping hand.  Our students are so lucky to have the love and support of someone like Lucille who works tirelessly every single day and is someone I have never heard complain.  I am thankful we have Lucille!

Marylee Argueta - Marylee is a 1st grade teacher.  Marylee is full of energy and spunk.  She's firm but loving on her students and is wealth of information and knowledge.  Marylee is never one to be afraid of trying something new and is a true definition of social butterfly.  Marylee connects with her kids extremely well and is always looking for new ways to meet all of their needs.  She brings so much to this team.

Kathy Leiva - Kathy is a PreK IA in Mrs. Brooks' class.  Kathy is a class act.  She is patient, kind, hard working, and is such a great support and help.  I am consistently amazed at how consistent Kathy is with her expectations and with her work ethic.  She's always busy and loves on those kids so well.  She is smart and compassionate.  I am thankful we have Kathy on our team because she is so needed.

I had an interesting conversation with a teacher this past week at Webb.  She came to me and said "my student is really acting out.  I need some help figuring out some ways to work with him.  And I know why he's acting out.  Summer is getting closer and I know he doesn't want to be at home".  I loved how that teacher had her finger on the pulse of that child.  She knew his heart.  She knew he was acting out because he was hurting.

It's important as May hits us, that we remember to have compassion and patience.  That doesn't mean we back down on our expectations and consequences.  But it means we remember we are serving KIDS and kids make mistakes, and kids need grace.

Show grace this week.  Show compassion.  Be forgiving.  Every day is a new day.

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