Sunday, May 8, 2016

Shining Bright

If there's one thing that has been proven at Webb Elementary this year, it's that you all have helped this campus shine bright.  From the work you've done with kids, to families, to the campus as a whole, it has not gone unnoticed.

As we take our final STAAR tests on campus this year, our sole focus should NOT be on these once a year exams, that don't truly measure where our kids are and the growth they've achieved.  No, our focus should be on celebrating the accomplishments of every adult and student.  To those kids who have finally mastered four letters in the alphabet.  To the student who no longer cries when their mother drops them off in the morning.  To the little boy who's finally made some friends for the first time at school.  To the teacher who no longer feels like they're doing everything "wrong".

In every moment, in every day, there is something to be celebrated.  It's time that we stop focusing so much on what is wrong and what we could have done better and start looking at the results of the hard work that you have put into these lives this year.  We are far more than adults who education children with academic knowledge.  We change children's lives each and every day in so many unmeasurable ways.  Celebrate that.  Rest in that.  No test can ever show the impact you truly have.

Team Planning

None this week

Week At A Glance

Monday - 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Math STAAR
Tuesday - 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Reading STAAR
Wednesday - 5th Grade Science STAAR
Field Day Meeting; 3:45pm, Anyone interested in helping plan Field Day
Kinder Scope & Sequence Mtg, 4:00pm, Central Office
Thursday - Lang Baby Shower; 3:45pm; Library
Night of Praise; 6pm; Brule Auditorium
Friday - GT Field Trip


We have an enormous amount of people out on Friday.  FAR more than we have subs for.  Please be prepared to be flexible.


Bins can be checked out starting at 7am on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Marvel and Garrett will check out 3rd and 4th grade bins in the TP Room
C. Thomas will check out 5th grade bins out of Garrett's office.

Please remember that on Monday and Tuesday you MUST eat lunch with your students as we have zero extra hands anywhere.

The schedule, coverage, and so on for M/T/W is HERE.

Summer School

I have contacted Team Leaders about getting lists to me for students who we want to attend summer school.  Thank you First Grade for being the first grade to have everything turned in!  With 2nd grade being a close second!

I need those lists ASAP so I can give you paperwork to send home.

Kids Deserve It Shirts

Kids Deserve It is selling t-shirts again.  This time there are 6 colors to choose from and the style of the shirt is like the Webb Elementary shirt fabric.  

More info here:


How to Integrate Google Apps with the Rigor Relevance Framework

Rockstar Educators

Debbie Abke - Debbie is an instructional aide in Life Skills two.  I've had the pleasure of working with Debbie for two years now.  Debbie is a compassionate and loving human being.  She is patient and ever so kind. She's funny and has a huge heart.  I love watching Debbie work with her students because I can see how much they love and adore her.  The work Debbie does, isn't easy work by any means, but Debbie does it so incredibly well and I am thankful we have her on our team.

Aaron Marvel - Aaron is one of those people on campus who does far more work than most people realize.  Being an administrator on an elementary campus means that you are spinning twenty different plates all at the same time and trying not to let anyone down.  From parent meetings, to phone calls home, to discipline, to testing and more, Aaron has been a huge asset to our campus.  Aaron is also one of those people who always has a smile on his face and will always make time to listen to you if you need a moment.  Our campus is better because of people like Aaron.

Maria Alcantara - Maria is a PreK teacher at our school.  I love the relationships I watch Maria build not only with her students, but also with their parents.  I have never heard her raise her voice or get angry.  Her students absolutely adore her as well.  Even with the pressure of a new baby, and being out for a period of time this year, she takes it all in stride.  She is hard working, compassionate, and creative.  Our PreK time truly benefits from having Maria as part of it.

Since today is Mother's Day, I couldn't go by without mentioning a thank you to all our mothers.  Whether you have biological children or not, by working at an elementary school, you have more children then you ever dreamed you would have.  Many of those kids look up to you and see someone they wish was their mother (or father).  You pour love, forgiveness, education, and so much more into their lives every day.  Many times we spend more time with these kids then their parents ever will.

So today, sit back, and smile.  And remember, you make a difference.

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