Sunday, January 21, 2018




Our worth of being on the planet at this time cannot be judged as we are all worthy and essential to being here now.
The issue of worthiness may come up in many areas of our lives, as we ask, often unconsciously, whether we are worthy of success, love, happiness, and countless other things, from supportive relationships to a beautiful home. In the end, though, it all comes down to one thing: our willingness to claim our space in this life as humans on this planet at this time. When we no longer question whether we are worthy, because we know that we are meant to be here to fulfill a particular purpose, a purpose that no one other than us can fulfill.

There are no replacements who can take over and live our lives for us, no other person who has had the experiences we have had, who has access to the same resources and relationships, who carries the same message to share with the world. Our purpose may be large or small, and in most cases it is multi-leveled, with important actions taking place on the interpersonal level, as well as in terms of the work we do in the world. Small acts of kindness share the stage with large acts of sacrifice, and only through accepting and honoring our place can we know what we are called to do and when.

Ultimately, we are all equally, exactly, completely worthy of being here in this life. Moreover, we are all essential to the unfolding plan of which we are each one small, but important, part. If we suffer from low self worth, it is because we have lost track of understanding this truth, and allowing it to guide our actions in the world. Seeing ourselves as part of something larger, as beings called to serve, is the ultimate cure for feelings of unworthiness. In the end, it's not about evaluating ourselves as worthy or unworthy, so much as it's about accepting that we have been called here to serve and taking the steps required to listen and respond to what our lives are asking us to do.

Week At a Glance

Monday - Fundraiser Begins
PreK-2nd Grade Kickoff - 1:45pm - Gym
3rd-5th Grade Kickoff - 2:30pm - Gym
Staff Meeting - 3:45pm - Gym
School Board Meeting - 6:30pm - Central Office
Tuesday - UIL (students in UIL will leave at 1:30pm)
Wednesday - "Stories from Webb" officially releases!
Fire Drill
Instructional Rounds During Your Conference Time
Math Vertical Meeting - 3:30pm - TP Room
Thursday - Short and Argueta Out
Friday - Short and Argueta Out
NO HOUSE GAMES (Due to Fun Run Being next week)
End of Progress Reports (have grades in by Sunday)


Our Boosterthon Fun Run Fundraiser kicks off this week! You all did an AMAZING job helping promote this last year, so let's make it happen again!!

We are raising money to build up our playground (with equipment, a chicken coop, butterfly habitat, gardening, and more) and also a potential rock wall in the gym!

Staff Meeting

We will have a staff meeting at 3:45pm Monday. It is important all staff is there for the beginning part with Boosterthon People and then all certified teachers will stay because we have to talk about SLOs (Student Learning Objectives per TEA and part of T-TESS this year). This meeting will last until 4:45pm so we can get this work done that is required of us by the state.

Stories from Webb

I am so excited about the book releasing on Wednesday!! The Navasota Examiner had a great little article in their paper this week about it.  Mrs. John C Webb also called me on Friday to let me know how proud she was of everyone who took time to share their stories, and for all who are putting in their time every day to serve our kids.  She said that her husband would be proud and she wanted us to know that.  If you'd like a copy of "Stories from Webb" and you don't want to wait or don't want to order online, I have them for $20 in my office!


UIL is taking place on Tuesday at High Point.  We will have quite a few kids competing and a lot of different staff heading over there.

Please plan to be flexible that afternoon with students.  UIL students will leave at about 1:30pm (we will call for them).

We hope, after school, you can stop by High Point to lend some encouragement or support to our kids who will be competing.  Thank you to Jessica McHale for organizing everything over here at Webb. It's not an easy job and she's done great!!

Admin Out

Short and Argueta will be out this Thursday and Friday.  So if you have questions/need help from the please see them by Wednesday.

House Games

Due to the Fun Run being next Friday, we didn't want to also have House Games this week . So our "House Games" will be next Friday during your assigned Fun Run Time.  We will have more information coming soon.

Instructional Rounds

This Wednesday we have our January Instructional Rounds.  You will get an email with your assigned 3 classrooms to observe for 5 minutes each during your assigned time.  You will then meet with your teams to discuss and have your weekly team meeting (just like last month).

Progress Reports

Please make sure you're ready for Progress Reports to go out next week as grades will close on Sunday.

TP Time

This week during TP time we will be diving deeper into SLOs.  Because we won't have our first SLO meeting until Monday after school, the group who normally meets on Monday mornings (K-2 ELAR) will meet on Friday morning this week.  Monday we will meet with Pre-K Teachers.

Morning Car Rider Duty

Monday - Two PreK Teachers outside, Three inside
Tuesday - 4th Grade
Wednesday - 2nd Grade
Thursday - 4th Grade
Friday - 2nd Grade


January 22 - Karen Brzymialkiewicz (we had the date wrong!)
January 23 - Nina Salazar

Kids Deserve It

Here is Episode 97 with Brandon Johnson. Don't forget the KDI shirts/hoodies are for sale for 4 more days this month, here.


In Closing....

This short film below is 12 minutes long, but well worth the watch. 

Monday, January 15, 2018



Most cultures use storytelling to pass down family history using the power and energy of the human voice.
Ever since our ancestors could first communicate, we have gathered to share our stories. We have passed along creation tales and tragic stories of love lost. We have repeated accounts of real heroism and simple stories of family history. When our forebears lived closer to the land and to each other, the practice of storytelling was imbued with ritual and occasion. Members of the tribe would often gather around the fire to hear their genealogy recited aloud by an elder or master storyteller. Listeners could track how their own lives, and the lives of their parents, interwove with the lives of the other tribe members, as everyone's ancient relatives once played out similar life dramas together.

As a custom, some cultures' storytellers repeat the same tale over and over because they believe that each time you hear it, you come to the story as a different person and view the plot and characters in a new light. Hearing the story over and over is a way to gauge where you have been and where you are now on your path of personal evolution. It also helps the younger generation learn the stories so that they can pass them to forthcoming generations.

When we hear others tell stories, we can laugh at their humorous adventures, feel the thrill of exciting encounters, see parts of ourselves in them, and learn from the challenges they face. Though most of our formal traditions of storytelling are lost, it does not mean we have to be without. We can begin new practices in our own families of listening to one another, of honoring our own journey, and witnessing the journeys of those around us. We can revive the fireside communal by gathering around the campfire or hearth with family and friends, sharing in stories. By building new practices of storytelling, we give ourselves and the ones we love an opportunity to draw ever closer in our shared human experience.

Week at a Glance

Monday - No School
Wednesday - Writing Vertical - 3:30pm - TP Room
Thursday - Nesloney off campus at Region 4
Friday - Spirit Stick Shop - 7:15am

TP Time

This week we will be meeting to begin our discussion of SLOs during TP Time. If you remember, we discussed SLOs (Student Learning Objectives) during the T-TESS training in August. We'll go back over them for the next 2-3 weeks and discuss how we're using them on our campus and in NISD this year.  Since my K-2 ELA people normally meet on a Monday, they will meet Friday this week instead.

Car Rider Morning Duty (on your assigned morning duty day)

Tuesday - 5th Grade
Wednesday - Kinder
Thursday - 5th Grade
Friday - Kinder

Stories from Webb

The book I wrote, with contributions from about 50 of YOU, is up for pre-order!!!  I can't wait for everyone to get a chance to read the book come January 24th.  I loved the little story that started this blog post, because I so believe stories have power.  I will tell you, the people I got to endorse the book were ranting and raving about how powerful your stories are.  And within the first two days of just PRE-ORDER we were in the top 400 books on Barnes and Noble, and the top 5,000 books on Amazon (which is HUGE). We're also the #1 New Release in one of Amazon's book categories, which is exciting!  So, share the news, and keep sharing your stories. They're needed.


This week in walk-throughs we're going to be looking at what questions you ask your students, and using those questions for a TP activity soon!  Question deep and challenging!


Boosterthon starts NEXT week! Let's start talking it up now to get kids excited.


January 20 - Cindy Puentes
January 21 - Karen Brzymialkiewicz


In Closing....

My buddy shared this video with me and it moved me to tears. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

It's 2018 Y'all!

The start of a new semester is upon us!!! Just like the start of a new school year is exciting, I find the start of a new semester, in a new calendar year, equally as exciting!

This semester is when we bring even more than we brought at the beginning.  It's where we fight even harder, teach even more creatively, and work even more strategically to reach every child.  Because it's all about how you finish, not how you start!  Let's do this!

Week at a Glance

Monday - Staff Inservice - 8am-4pm
NELC Garage Sale (Teachers please go by and get free stuff)
Tuesday - MAP Testing Begins for 3rd-5th (refer to Argueta's Email)
Wednesday - Reading Vertical - TP Room - 3:30pm
PTO Meeting - Library - 5:30pm
Friday - Delic on Campus (to talk 2nd semester plans/data with 3rd-5th)
4th Grade Field Trip
Saturday - Staff Outing at Altitude (Short will have more info soon)

Grades Due

Please have your grades finished TODAY so we can run report cards tomorrow.


You have Monday to work with your teams and in your classrooms, except during your meeting time with admin.  At your meeting time with admin you must bring your F&P Data, most recent assessment/9 weeks assessment data, and a plan for the spring semester of how you're going to use that data with your students. Intervention and SPED Teachers are welcome to attend any meetings to be part of the planning for all students.

All meetings will take place in TP Room

8:30am - Admin Meeting  
9:15-10:00am - Kinder
10:00-10:45 - 1st Grade
10:45-11:30 - 2nd Grade
LUNCH FOR ALL - 11:45-12:45
1:00-2:00 - 5th Grade
2:00-3:00 - 4th Grade
3:00-4:00 - 3rd Grade


IAs will continue to work with the grade levels I've assigned on work days. IAs, if you're confused, come see me at 8am. Teachers, please utilize the help you've been given!


PreK teachers will meet at 1:00pm with Short or Argueta in Alcantara's room.

Team Planning

This week the TP time, on your scheduled day, will be your time to get any extra planning done you may need. This will also be time I will schedule to meet about Tier 2 and Tier 3 kids. Friday no-one will have TP Time and Camp Teachers should be helping in classrooms and reading to them.  Please still show up for morning duty, on time, at 7:15am.

(If you normally have TP on a Monday (or are 5th grade), I will try and meet with you tomorrow or during your normal planning time one day this week)

Tuesday - 3rd ELAR will meet with me at 7:50am
4th ELAR will meet at 8:10am
Wednesday - Kinder math will meet with me at 7:50am
1st Grade math  will meet at 8:10am
Thursday - 3rd Math will meet with me at 7:50am
4th Math will meet with me at 8:10am


January 8 - Konnie Harber
January 8 - Evangelic Sipp
January 11 - Jessica McHale

Morning Duty

Tuesday - 3rd Grade
Wednesday - 1st Grade
Thursday - 3rd Grade
Friday - 2nd Grade (outside) and Kinder (inside)


In Closing...

Let's make 2018 our best year ever as a campus!  Let's work together to push our kids harder than ever before and see even more success!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas Time Is Here

We'll keep this blog as short as possible this week! Lots going on!

Monday - Staff Meeting - 3:45pm - Cafeteria
School Board Meeting - 6:30pm
Tuesday - Family Christmas Movie Night - 5:30-7:30pm - Gym
Wednesday - Spelling Bee - 8:30am
Staff Christmas Party - The Western - 5-7pm
Thursday - Early Release - 12pm
House Meetings - 7:45am
Staff Can Leave At 3pm
Christmas Program - 5:30pm - Brosig Auditorium
Friday - Early Release - 12pm
Christmas Parties
End of Report Card
Staff Can Leave at 1pm

Team Planning

This week there will be no TP time.  Our Camp teachers will be rotating through classrooms during this time to read picture books to classrooms.

Staff Meeting

There will be an all staff meeting at 3:45pm on Monday in the Cafeteria

Staff Christmas Party

The staff Christmas party is this Wednesday at 5pm at the Western.  Please make sure you turn in your $5 to Walker if you plan to attend.  Since we are paying for 1/2, this year we don't have enough money to pay for spouses, so it will just be staff.

Please come ready to announce your Secret Santa and bring a $6 (or less) ornament wrapped up for the ornament exchange.

Early Release

Thursday and Friday we get out at Noon.  HERE is our 1/2 day lunch schedule.  We will start calling for walkers at 11:55am.

Inputing Information

Please make sure all of your F&P scores are inputed into Eduphoria BEFORE you leave for Christmas break.  All of your scantrons from 9 weeks assessments also need to be scanned in.

Staff 1/2 Days

On Thursday afternoon it will be a work day for you to get things wrapped up.  ALL IAs are to report to Nesloney for assigned duties. All staff may leave at 3pm.

On Friday all staff may leave at 1pm.

Christmas Movie Night and Christmas Program

PTO and Mr. Haliburton have been working hard to plan two different events.  We hope you can come!  PTO has planned Family Movie Night on Tuesday and will be showing "The Santa Clause".  Mr. Haliburton has planned a fantastic christmas program on Thursday night at Brosig Auditorium. Come support our kids!

House Meetings

Thursday morning we will have house meetings.  Houses will be meeting to see how their random acts of kindness went this month and if they need to do anything else to complete their kindness before Friday!


Dec 22 - Cewilla Thomas

Dec 24 - Sandra Smith

Morning Duty (yes you are asked to have duty TWICE this week)

Monday - Kinder (Car) First (Inside)
Tuesday - Second (Car) Third (Inside)
Wednesday - Fourth (Car) Fifth (Inside)
Thursday - all 2-5th Math/Sci Teachers and all Kinder (third math does Car)
Friday - all 2-5th ELAR Teachers and all First (Car)

In Closing...

Let's make this a great week.  I hope you take time to read THIS article written by my good friend Trevor Muir. It's very timely.

Remember that we need to keep instruction going up until the last day. We have no time to waste!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Finding Peace Within

This week, rather than start this post with something I've written, I was reminded of a simple truth this morning and wanted to share it with you...

Finding Peace Within


If we are to have true peace in the world, we must first find it within ourselves.
Most people agree that a more peaceful world would be an ideal situation for all living creatures. However, we often seem stumped as to how to bring this ideal situation into being. If we are to have true peace in this world, each one of us must find it in ourselves first. If we don't like ourselves, for example, we probably won't like those around us. If we are in a constant state of inner conflict, then we will probably manifest conflict in the world. If we have fighting within our families, there can be no peace in the world. We must shine the light of inquiry on our internal struggles, because this is the only place we can really create change. 
When we initiate the process of looking inside ourselves for the meaning of peace, we will begin to understand why it has always been so difficult to come by. This in itself will enable us to be compassionate toward the many people in the world who find themselves caught up in conflicts both personal and universal. We may have an experience of peace that we can call up in ourselves to remind us of what we want to create, but if we are human we will also feel the pull in the opposite direction--the desire to defend ourselves, to keep what we feel belongs to us, to protect our loved ones and our cherished ideals, and the anger we feel when threatened. This awareness is important because we cannot truly know peace until we understand the many tendencies and passions that threaten our ability to find it. Peace necessarily includes, even as it transcends, all of our primal energy, much of which has been expressed in ways that contradict peace. 
Being at peace with ourselves is not about denying or rejecting any part of ourselves. On the contrary, in order to be at peace we must be willing and able to hold ourselves, in all our complexity, in a full embrace that excludes nothing. This is perhaps the most difficult part for many of us, because we want so much to disown the negative aspects of our humanity. Ironically, though, true peace begins with a willingness to take responsibility for our humanity so that we might ultimately transform it in the light of our love

Week at a Glance
Monday - 9 Weeks Assessment Window BeginsF&P Testing Begins/Continues
Tuesday - Classroom Champions Call - 11:00am - Sign Up HERE
Wednesday - Picture ReTakes
Friday - Face Painting 
House Games

9 Weeks Assessment Window Opens

3rd-5th Grade teachers, please make sure over the next two weeks that you plan ample time to get your 9 weeks assessments taken AND scanned in before we leave for Christmas break.

Instructional Rounds

Thank you so much for doing our first round of Instructional Rounds last week.  I hope you gained a little insight into some more great ideas and practices. We will be doing these once a month.  Please during your team meeting this week, create a Google Doc (as a team) and have each person submit what they learned in that singular google doc.

TP Time

Team Planning time this week will be a look at lesson plans.  I need all Kinder and 3rd Grade teachers to bring their lesson plans (and 10 copies).  We will dive into lesson plans, see what's happening, and how we can make the process easier.

Staff Christmas Party

Right now our plan is to have our Staff Christmas Party on Wednesday, December 20 at the Western Club.  We will get more info out this week!

Morning Car Duty

Monday - 1st Grade
Tuesday - 4th Grade
Wednesday - 1st Grade
Thursday - 4th Grade
Friday - 5th Grade

Kids Deserve It

Don't forget to get your KDI shirt if you want it this month, HERE.


In Closing...

This week I challenge you to find your inner peace. To take time to share your struggles with others.  We have sooooo many staff members who are struggle with loss, or sickness, or heartache right now.  We are in a season like no other.  My hope is that we all reach out and show a little more compassion this month.

My friend Adam Dovico and I, got with a couple of our principal friends and tried to create a little lighthearted video of what principals really do during Christmas break! A few Webb students even make a brief cameo! Hope it brings a smile to your face!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

December? Already?

It's hard for me to believe we're already in December! It seems like a lifetime ago that the Hurricane hit and we were starting late.

As the holiday gets closer and closer we're going to begin to see more and more kids act out in different ways.  It's important for us to remember to keep our expectations high, instruction active and engaging, and that we forgive often.

Week at a Glance

Monday - Short out at Region 6
Tuesday - Short out at Region 6
Wednesday - Instructional Rounds (info below)
Team Leader Meeting - 7am
PTO Meeting - 5:30pm
Thursday - Delic on Campus
Friday - Kona Ice
End of Progress Reports

Instructional Rounds

Since Wednesday are Team Meeting days, this Wednesday will look a little different. We're going to start doing instructional rounds once a month. Some of you may remember this from a year or two ago.

I will email you who will go into what rooms, and for the first 15 minutes of your conference time you will observe 3 classrooms for 5 minutes each. You will take sticky notes and leave one piece of positive feedback for each class you go into and leave it on their door as you leave. Then you will all get back as a team, have your team meeting, and debrief from what you saw in those instructional rounds!

We have so many great things going on that we can learn from each other!

Delic on Campus

Delic will be on campus on Thursday. Please have your newest data, be ready to talk individual students, and have your bulletin boards outside your rooms updated.


T-TESS Evaluations are in full swing.  What that also means is that your admin team may not be able to come when they're immediately called as we may be busy in observations!

TP Time

This week in TP time we will be looking at the most recent data from 2nd Grade Reading/Math Unit Assessments and from 4th Grade Reading/Writing/Math Unit Assessments.  Teachers need to come prepared with their data and at least 10 copies of their data.

Morning Car Duty

Monday - Kinder
Tuesday - 3rd Grade
Wednesday - Kinder
Thursday - 3rd Grade
Friday - Any who can help


This Friday we will be keeping no students.  So all students will come down at 7:35am. If you're free, and could help with morning duty that would be great!


Tamera Boyd - December 4

Kids Deserve It

Shirts are back up for sale HERE. You can see all the different kinds!


In Closing...

With our challenge for houses this month being the Random Acts of Kindness, how can YOU should kindness to someone on your team, in your classroom, and on our campus?

My good friend Nicholas Ferroni, is heading up a new series with SoulPancake to celebrate teachers! Here's their amazing first clip

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Rested and Ready

Well tomorrow we're back at it!!  I don't know about you, but even though I enjoyed the break, I am ready to see the kids again!

I hope you are feeling rested, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle the rest of 2017!  It's gonna be amazing!

Week at a Glance

Tuesday - Kinder Field Trip
Frito Pie Family Night - 5:00-6:30pm behind school
Wednesday - Nesloney out a Region 6 Principal Training
Bilingual Vertical Meeting - 3:30pm - TP Room
Thursday - Short of Campus (to RCA)
Friday - Short off Campus (to RCA)
PTO Spirit Store - 7:15am-7:45am - Gym

Frito Pie Family Night

This is a night (like our hotdog cookout) organized just to get families up here and spending time together on campus. It will take place behind the school on the playground.  We will have a few blow up bounce houses, free frito pies, a DJ, and every team is asked to bring individually wrapped desserts. Enough to feed at least 30 people (like 30 cookies, 30 brownies, etc).


This Thursday and Friday we have 4 teachers and Ms. Short heading to RCA! Wishing them safe travels and learning a lot!


T-TESS observations begin this week. If you have not scheduled one with your evaluator, you need to do so ASAP. Calendars are quickly filling up.

TP Time

This week in TP Time we will be going over a lesson you have planned for this week. Please come prepared to show your lesson, talk about the planning that took place, be prepared to discuss the TEKS, be prepared to show how you're going to gauge mastery of the content, and how your lessons is culturally diverse.

Morning Car Duty

Monday - 2nd
Tuesday - 5th
Wednesday - 2nd
Thursday - 5th
Friday - Kinder

Friday Morning

Friday Morning is house meetings. All teams need to be on morning duty.


Andrea Day - Nov 28
Mary Vogt - Dec 2


In Closing....

We talk a lot about reading and how as adults it's so important for us to be making time to read too!!  My good buddy Michael Bonner recently challenged educators to read 5-6 books this December! I hope you join us!