Sunday, August 20, 2017

Our 2017 Debut!

This week is our debut week! It's the week we have "Meet the Teacher".  That moment we get to share our campus with the community and families for the first time for this school year.  I. Can't. Wait.

I am so excited to open our doors and to have the hall filled with children again. The school just doesn't quite feel the same without it.  Over the last week it was wonderful to get our staff family back together.  To hear the laugher and see the smiles during our first day back with the Goose Chase around town.  To watch the lightbulbs go off in the "Talk, Read. Talk, Write" training. To hear stories from some of the Home Visits all teams completed.  To see teams coming together with incredible plans for the year. I could just go on and on.

And thank you to all who were able to attend our community walk on Saturday!  I always love that moment to get out and just see some families on a Saturday morning!

This week is going to be another fast and furious week as we place last minute touches on our campus to make it just perfect!

Week at a Glance

Monday - District Convocation, 8:30am - Brosig Auditorium (wear your new Webb Shirt)
Staff Events - After Convocation until 3:30pm
Tuesday - T-TESS Training (all certified teachers) - 8:00am-11:00am, Webb Gym
11:00am-4:00pm - Work in rooms
PreK-Kinder Meet the Teacher - 5:30-6:30pm
Wednesday - K-2 STEMscopes, 8:30am-12:00pm
3-5 STEMscopes (science teachers), 1:00pm-3:30pm
Thursday - RCA Team Meeting, 8:30am, TP Room
Work in Rooms
1st-5th Meet the Teacher - 6:00-7:30pm
Friday - Work in Rooms - 8am
Faculty Meeting - 1:00pm
Colbert Baby Shower - 3pm


1. Please bring your strength finders test PRINTED OUT for our meeting on Monday.
2. Teachers, please make sure you've completed the items on your "Teacher To-Do List"
3. All handbook forms, technology forms, and teacher certifications should have been turned in on Friday.
4.  Home Visit paperwork should have been turned in Friday.
5.  "What Am I Reading?" should have been updated Friday.
6.  Letters to students should have been mailed out last week.
7. You ALL should have already filled out THIS staff information document.


August 22 - Jessica Schutzenhofer
August 23 - Doris Banks
August 25 - Sarah Martin
August 27 - Olivia Aguinaga

Meet the Teacher

Our Meet the Teacher is coming fast! I met with Team Leaders last week to relay some information but I wanted to go ahead and put a few reminders here too....

1. Every classroom teacher must have a sign in sheet.  I need a copy of it by 8:30am the next morning.
2.  Meet the Teacher is an opportunity to meet you, but also to meet a few others (like our camp Teachers).
3.  Encourage families to stop by the Gym. We will be having some tables of different groups in there (PTO, Bus, Girl/Boy Scouts, etc).
4. This is our DEBUT to families. Smile big, show excitement, rock it out!
5. Our theme this year is "Hollywood: Where Everyone Is a Star". We've hired a party planner who will be transforming the front foyer! Super excited! Dress code is: Professional **but go all out with the hollywood theme!

Kids Deserve It

This last week we interviewed author/educator Trevor Muir who wrote, "The Epic Classroom".

Sparks in the Dark

Last week, after being incredibly moved by what happened in Charlottesville, my friend Travis Crowder and I organized a diverse panel to have an open and honest conversation about racism, diversity, and empathy. It's lengthy, but I wanted to share regardless.  We have to have more of these conversations if we expect things to change. (You can also listen through iTunes if you prefer just audio HERE.)


In Closing...

There is a lot of hurt going on around us.  There is a lot of hurt going on within our own lives.  It's important that every day we interact with others that we take that into account.  Everyone is fighting a secret battle.

As I've seen events unfold over the last week in our country, and as I spoke with some of my friends who come from backgrounds far more diverse than mine, I've been reminded of the work that is still to be done.  The injustices that exists.  The prejudices that are present that we are aware of and those ones we're not.

We can't put our head in the sand.  We can't allow ourselves to be ignorant.  We can't sweep it under the rug.  We need to have open, honest, heartfelt conversations.  And we need to be teaching our kids about empathy through rich, diverse characters that look nothing and sound nothing like them.

I love this image and little story from my friend Brad Montague that he share last week.

Dear kids of the world,

It's not supposed to be like this.

Hate is an ugly thing. Do not believe it.

There is beauty within you and all around you. You'll forget sometimes or you'll see people forget that. Love helps us remember.
We need each other. 

Us grown ups are quick to tell you how things should be (share, be kind, love everybody), but not always great at modeling it. May you stay childlike in a world that can be so childish. Love love love love love love love. ALWAYS. When things seem crazy and you don't know what to do? Love like crazy. Always. There's more to say, but even more to actually do. Fight for love. Rebel joyfully.

A grown up who still believes

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Welcome Back!!

WELCOME BACK!!  I can't believe the day is finally here to bring our Webb Elementary family back together again!  The office team has been anxiously awaiting your return and we have a lot of great things planned over the next two weeks in preparation for our students coming back!

First and foremost I want to say a HUGE "job well done" to everyone on our campus team.  Why? Because of your hard work, countless hours, sweat, tears, and yes even some blood, we were able to make it OFF the IR list this year!!!!!  That is such a testament to our team.  Though we still have much work to do to continue moving forward, it is so very important that we take the time to celebrate as well.  And this celebration includes everyone because ALL of you put forth the work to make this happen!  I just know that this year we're going to do even bigger and better things!

This year's theme is a Hollywood theme with the tagline of "Where Everyone is a Star".  I look forward to finding ways to celebrate each other, as well as our students and their families, in different and unique ways this year!

As in years past, this blog will be where I share our "Week at a Glance" and any other upcoming events for the week! This will be your go to source of information!

Week at a Glance
(all of this information is also on the campus calendar)

Monday - Staff Bonding (dress comfortably!!) We'll meet in Gym at 8am!
Tuesday - District Symposium (everyone)
Wednesday - Talk Read, Talk Write Training (All K-5 teachers)
Teacher Mentor Meeting
Thursday - Guided Math Training (K-2)
3rd-5th TEKS Resource Refresher
3rd-5th Language of Choice Training
Friday - Guided Math Training (3-5)
K-2 TEKS Resource Refresher
K-2 Language of Choice Training
3-5 ELA Teachers - Independent Reading GHO
Saturday - Back to School Community Walk


We will be playing a city-wide scavenger hunt on Monday.  Please download the free app "Goose Chase" as you will need it for our game!!

August 13 - Haven Wisnoski
August 14 - Traci Colbert
August 20 - Kheli LaBlue


Join our Remind for Staff Updates!


Make sure you download the free "Voxer" app as we use it to communicate campus wide

Kids Deserve It

Here is a great interview with Weston Kieschnick, author of "Bold School"

Sparks in the Dark

About once a month I will be sharing with you a new podcast that focuses on reading and writing.  Here is an episode with author of "Allegedly", Tiffany Jackson.


In Closing....

Bringing everyone back together for the first time in a school year, is always an incredibly exciting time.  I countdown the days to seeing everyone again and having our school family back in the same building.  I know that we have some exciting things planned this school year and that together we are going to change lives.  Let's get at it!