Sunday, April 10, 2016

Making a Difference

Each one of has the ability to make a profound difference on the lives around us.  Not just the students we work with, but our colleagues and parents as well.  We have choices every day to make.  We can choose to complain about the way things are or the way we wish things were, or we can choose to instead find solutions and focus on the wonderful things we've been given.

Many times I've caught myself wanting to complain or gripe.  Why?  It's easy.  

But you know what?  It doesn't help anyone around you.  Now, don't get me wrong, we all need to vent at times.  But we need to be able to vent to people who are going to keep us grounded and bring our focus back to what really matters.

As you face struggles and trials this week remember two things.  First of all remember the impact your words and actions have on little eyes who are always watching.  Watch your tone, your looks, your behavior.  Second, find something to celebrate every day.  Life is worth celebrating.  And though it may seem like at times the world is falling down around you, find the tiniest light to hold onto.  Because darkness runs in the presence of even the tiniest light.

Team Planning

Monday - 5th
Tuesday - 4th
Wednesday - 3rd
Thursday - 2nd
Friday - 1st

Week At A Glance

Monday - #LoveMySchool Day.  Please share out all day using the hashtag #LoveMySchool on reasons why you love being at Webb by showing the amazing things your students are doing.

Nesloney & Marvel Off Campus

Tuesday - #PositivePostIt Day - Make sure to be stocking up on Post Its and make sure you encourage your students to bring some too!! We'll be participating with schools from around the country.

Bilingual Vertical Meeting - 3:15pm

Wednesday - Team Leader Mtg - 7:00am

1/2 Day
Afternoon District Grade Planning - 1:30-3:30
- Prek-2 go to Webb
- 3-5 ELA go to HP
- 3-5 Math go to Brule
- SPED stay on campus
- CAMP teachers go to Brule
- IAs stay on Campus

Thursday - Fire Drill

Friday - 1st Grade Field Trip

Kinder Graduation Photos


Rockstar Educators

Kathy French - Where do we even begin with Kathy?  Kathy was my partner teacher my first two years of teaching.  Kathy brings such creativity and passion to everything she does.  She so deeply cares for our kids and isn't afraid of stepping outside the box.  Her work with the Secret Society of Readers and the Book Prom are nationally known events now.  She is helping shape the education of not only our students but others around the country.  She is such a light and positive force.

Sandra Smith - Sandra is one of our PreK IAs.  What I love about Sandra is she will step up wherever I need her.  She always has a smile on her face and has one of the funniest personalities here at school.  She is so good with kids as well and has such a huge heart.  I am so thankful that we have someone like Sandra working with us!

Sharon Ganske - Sharon is our Life Skills 2 teacher.  Sharon is absolutely phenomenal. The patience she has the incredible work she does with her students is mind blowing.  I don't think any of us know how truly lucky we are to have Sharon working here on our campus.  She is kind and compassionate and is a voice for her students who many times cannot speak for themselves.  Sharon is a blessing that we are so fortunate to be able to have with us.

This week let's find ways to celebrate others.  To take the spotlight off of ourselves and instead shine it brightly on those who aren't recognized quite enough.

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