Sunday, October 15, 2017

New Day

I love waking up in the morning.  I know it sounds weird, but I love the morning.  I think it's because I know that with the rise of a new dawn, that means we get second chances, new opportunities, and fresh starts.  But I also get excited because as an educator, I know that means I get to head to a building where WE also give our students (and families) second chances, new opportunities, and fresh starts.

Week at a Glance

Monday - Argueta and Short at Conference
Bus Driver Appreciation Day
Staff Meeting - 3:45pm - Cafeteria
Book Talk - 4:15pm - Cafeteria - K/2/4/Other Teachers (pg 88-137)
School Board Meeting - 6:30pm - Board Room
Tuesday - Argueta and Short at Conference
Nesloney at Principal Meeting from 9:00-10:30am
Community Outreach Meeting - 3:45pm - Library
Wednesday - Team Leader Meeting - 7am
RTI Meetings Begin
Bus Safety Day - All students go to PE for camp
Reading Vertical Meeting - 3:30pm - Library
RCA Team Meeting - 3:45pm - Reynold's Room
Yearbook Committee Meeting - 3:45pm - TP Room
Thursday - Nesloney and Short at District Office
Friday - National Writing Day
End of Report Card 1 Grading Period (Grades due at Midnight Sunday)
Nesloney at Central Office Meeting - 3:00-4:00pm
Football Game - 7:00pm
Saturday - EdCamp College Station

Look For...

This week for walk-throughs we are going to be looking for classroom greeters and questioning skills.  We want to see the types of questions you're asking students to be more than just basic, surface level, repeat information, questions.

Admin Out

There will be different times throughout the week that admin are out (including counselors).  Please be patient with us this week :-)

Staff Meeting

We have a staff meeting on Monday. It is important that you bring a pumpkin (real or fake) to the meeting.  We will be decorating them at the meeting. DO NOT bring any pre-decorated pumpkins.  K/2/4/and our Other Areas teachers need to be ready to discuss their chapters from "Disrupting Thinking" as well.

National Writing Day

National Writing Day is this Friday! Let's find some fun ways to celebrate this day with our students!

Report Cards

Remember that this is the final week to put in grades for report cards.  Remember that no averages should fall below a 68.  PE and Music teachers need to remember to put in grades as well!

EdCamp College Station

EdCamp College Station is this Saturday. It's a FREE half-day learning event that should be fantastic! Hope you can make it.  Register HERE.

RTI Meetings

We will begin RTI meetings this week.  I will be emailing teachers about their meeting times on Wednesday and Friday.  You will need to bring the following documentation with you (depending on your subject) concerning the students we'd like to move tiers.

F&P Scores
Istation Scores (reading and math)
Study Island info
MAP Results
In Class Data
Unit Assessment Data
Notes from their current Interventions


October 16 - Courtney Moore


For PLCs this week K-2 will be covering expectations, CHAMPS, and more interventions.  3-5 will be covering MAP data.

Morning Car Duty

Monday - first grade
Tuesday - fourth grade
Wednesday - first grade
Thursday - fourth grade
Friday - fifth grade

Kids Deserve It

Here is this week's episode featuring Leslie Kinard and tomorrow is the last day to get any KDI gear for this month! Get it HERE.


In Closing...

As I sit and read through the edits of "Stories from Webb", I'm quickly reminded of the brilliance that exists on this team.  So many of you chose to share a story (or two) and they truly make this book something special.  I can't wait for all of you to see the finished product!  The end of December can't get here soon enough!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

We Show Up

Being in education is hard.  It's physically, emotionally, and yes even spiritually draining.  Being an educator is more than just showing up at work to do a job. Every one of us knows that.  We work hours well past what our contracts say.  We put in more of our own money than probably any other career.  And we cry, laugh, get upset, have our hearts broken, smile, and pray over these kids on an daily basis.

And that can wear on you.  It can make getting out of bed some days really tough.  It can cause you to doubt your impact.  It can take a toll.

So why do we stay in a field that drains us? Why do we continue showing up day after day when it often feels like we're doing nothing except for spinning our wheels and getting more added to our already overflowing plates?

We do it because of those tiny bodies. Those children who show up every day with no other expectation than, "I hope my teacher is here today".

We show up for that little girl who comes to school smiling because she knows it's the only place she's going to get a hug.

We show up for that child whose only 2 meals a day are the ones they get for breakfast and lunch (and the extra food someone may send home with them).

We show up for the little boy who knows he has to get an education so he can earn a living to help support those he loves.

We show up for that 4th grader who is told how worthless and stupid she is, at home every day.  How she shows up knowing that teacher will tell her how worthy and loved she is.

We show up to see the lightbulb moment when a child finally gets a concept they've been struggling with for weeks.

We show up because we know we have that little one who runs into school with yet another story to share from the magical book they're reading.

We show up because we have colleagues who are fighting what feels like insurmountable battles, and we're the only person they have in their life they can confide in and count on.

We show up because we're educators.  That's just who we are. And that's what makes us different.

Thank you for showing up for our Webb Family.

Week at a Glance

Monday - Start of National School Lunch Week
RTI Committee Meeting - 3:45pm - Library
Tuesday - Book Discussion - PreK/1st/3rd/5th - pg 88-137
Wednesday - Social Studies Meeting - 3:30pm - Library
Bilingual Vertical Meeting - 3:30pm - TP Room
MAP Informational Meeting - 3:30pm - Central Office
Thursday - Delic on Campus (all grades)
Outdoor Play Day
Techy Tripp Thursday - Library - 3:45pm
Friday - Fire Safety at PE
Prek-2nd Grade Meeting in Gym - 7:35am

Look For....

This past week we were looking for a few particular items. We saw some pure awesomeness!  We did notice though that one thing we need to keep working on is our classroom greeters!  Make sure you review every week who the greeters are, what their jobs are, and that they greet ANY adult who comes in.

This week we'll be looking for group work.  Collaboration.  We know the importance of teacher-led instruction. But this week when we come in for walkthroughs we'll particularly be looking at how much the kids are discussing topics and working together to learn.

Delic On Campus

Remember that Delic is coming back to our campus on Thursday.  Our expectations for this visit were to have student work outside your room, with the TEK and Processing Standard posted, and be ready to discuss your activity and how it aligns.

Outdoor Play Day

Thursday is National Outdoor Play day.  Please plan at least one of your lessons to take place outdoors on Thursday!  We have tons of places around our school outside to teach as well as our outdoor classroom!

Book Discussion

Our book discussion is over pages 88-137 this week.  Please read up and be ready to discuss.

MAP Informational Meeting

The district is hosting a MAP informational meeting.  I know we've already spent a great amount of time discussing the MAP results together as teams.  If you still feel confused or want more information that meeting will take place Wednesday at 3:30pm at Central Office.

Veritcal Meetings

We also have 2 vertical meetings this week since last week's had to be cancelled.  If you're on the SS Vertical Team you'll meet with Ms Short in the Library.  If you're on the Bilingual Vertical meeting you'll meet with Ms. Argueta in the TP Room.

Techy Tripp Thursday

This Thursday we will have our FIRST "Techy Tripp Thursday"!!  Ms. Tripp will be sharing about different tech tools all year. And since MANY of your T-TESS Goals align with this, this will be a great opportunity for you.

These meetings will be only 15-20 min in length.  There'll be snacks.  And for every meeting you attend you could earn a sonic drink, jeans pass, or more!  So don't miss it this Thursday!

Her topic this week is QR Codes and Shortened Links.


Thank you sooooo much to all who were constantly sharing on Twitter this week.  It was AMAZING to see all the greatness being shared on the #WebbElem hashtag!! Our goal now is to keep that up every week!! I'll be giving out Twitter prizes every week!

This week our winners were: Kelsey Kuehler, TJ Longabaugh, Sandra Smith, Cariann Zeitman, and Ivonne Garcia!  Who will our winners be next week???  ****winners from this week come see me about your prize!

Didn't tweet this week?? No worries! You can this next week! Set reminders! I'm here to help!!


October 8 - Sherri Desern
October 10 - Anna Wilkerson
October 11 - Dorton Matthews

Ron Clark Academy

Remember if you're interested in attending RCA in either December or April, the application is HERE.  Applications due the week before Thanksgiving Break!

TP Time

This week in TP Time we will be discussing the one new way you used TEKS Resource last week and we'll be talking all things Rattler Time!  Come prepared to share your own Rattler Time ideas too!!

Morning Car Rider Duty

This week our morning car rider line duty (on your assigned TP day) is..

Monday - Kinder
Tuesday - 3rd Grade
Wednesday - Kinder
Thursday - Third
Friday - PreK

Kids Deserve It

If you were wanting a Kids Deserve It t-shirt or hoodie or long sleeve, they're up for sale through this next week!  Get yours today HERE!! And here is this week's KDI Show featuring a teacher who has been on the Ellen Degeneres Show!


In Closing...

It is so important that we find ways to celebrate every child (and adult) for the beauty the bring.  For their genius and their gifts.  Often times we're so hyper-focused on the shortcomings that we miss the amazing unique brilliance they bring.  One of my best friends is a principal who has cerebral palsy.  To see what he has accomplished and continues to accomplish inspires me every day.  Here is a great video that was shared with me that is sure to uplift, encourage, and inspire. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Energy.  We talk often about engaging lessons, keeping students engaged, and so on and so on.  Sometimes though we forget that OUR energy is often what drives the mood of the space we're in.

In the past week I've been reminded of that.  I've been reminded how quickly a meeting can become uncomfortable or drag on because of the energy of one person in the room.  I've seen classrooms where they kids were on the edge of their seats because they couldn't wait to hear what they next word would be out of their teacher's mouth, who was dressed up in a costume, and standing on a chair.  And I could give countless other examples.

Our energy is what the kids need.  I know that every one of us is fighting battles.  Some of which feel like they're suffocating us.  But we have to remember to leave our own issues in the car when those little faces walk into this building, so that we can be our best for them. We can't let our luggage drag down their energy.

Let's find new and creative ways to bring the energy this week!

Week at A Glance

Monday - Custodian Appreciation Day
Study Island Help Session - 3:45pm Library
Tuesday - Nesloney out from 9:00-10:30 for Principal Meeting
Book Discussion for K/2/4/Others - 3:30pm - Library
Wednesday - Student Council Elections for 5th Grade
Social Studies Vertical - 3:30pm - Library
Family Engagement Meeting - 4:00pm - Library
Thursday - Allison Thomas Wedding Shower - 3:45pm - Library
Goat Yoga - 4:30pm - Playground
Friday - Last Day for Progress Report 2
Saturday - TCCA

Look For....

Each week we want to provide you with something particular we're going to be looking for in Walk-Throughs.  This week as we do walkthroughs we are going to be looking for two things.  We are going to be looking for kids tracking whoever is speaking (and you correcting them if they're not) and we're going to be looking for student participation in the lesson (are they being asked questions, are they standing to answer in a complete sentence, are you bringing the MAGIC).

Study Island Help Session

I will be leading a Study Island Help Session at 3:45pm on Monday in the Library for anyone interested. I'll be going over some basics of Study Island and answering any questions I can from when I used it in the classroom.  This is completely optional.

Book Discussion

This week our Kinder, 2nd, 4th, and other area teachers will be meeting on Tuesday to discuss pages 44-87.  Please make sure you've read these and are ready to discuss.


Thursday at 3:45pm we will be celebrating Allison Thomas' Wedding in the library.  Then at 4:30pm we will be having our staff Goat Yoga.  This can be paid the day of with cash, check, or credit card as well.  Please let Jennifer Short know if you are going.  All the admin will be there and we think this will be a fun and new way to bond and let off some steam.  You do NOT have to have any yoga experience. I'm just going to play with baby goats! haha

Progress Report 2

Please make sure you have grades ready for Progress Reports 2 which will go out next week.


Saturday is TCCA.  This is an annual FREE conference that is FANTASTIC.  Please plan to attend if you can, I will be there too and would love to see you there! Lunch is included! But you need to go register on their website.


T-TESS Goal Meetings have started! Please get with your evaluator to schedule. I've already heard from many of my mine, but quite a few still haven't scheduled a time and my schedule is filling up VERY quickly!

House Games

A BIG shout out to Bradford, Neutzler, and Worrall who organized this past month's house games.  That is no small undertaking and they did a great job!  And congrats to purple house for being our September month winners!


This Friday during PLC time, all teachers will need to be in cafeteria.  We will split students by houses and have a house meeting.  To be discussed there will be a new house cheer, how can we support other teams, what can we do as a house to make our mark this year?  Your House Leaders will lead those meetings.

Ron Clark Academy

I've budgeted this year to take TWO trips to RCA!!!  Visiting RCA is unlike anything I've ever been to and forever changed the way I taught.  We will be taking 3 teachers (and an admin) Nov 30-Dec 2 and another 3 teachers (and an admin) April 19-21st.  More information is coming!


This week I'm going to be giving out some Twitter awards.  What is that?  I will be stalking Twitter and seeing what staff are tweeting AND using the hashtag #WebbElem.  I love when our school story gets shared on social media.  Awards will be given out on Friday and will range from a Jeans Day Pass, to Free Lunch, to Sonic Drink, to your favorite snack, to a 30 min extended lunch, to a 30 min extended conference time!  The more you tweet, the more you can win!  If you need any Twitter 101 help, come see me!!!

TP Time

This week's TP Time will focus on TEKS Resource.  Bring your laptop and make sure you've done your homework from last week (attempted one Lead4ward Instructional Strategies Playlist item and utilized on Lead4Ward resource in a new way).

Morning Car Duty

This week for morning car duty (only on your assigned TP day) is

Monday - 2nd Grade
Tuesday - 5th Grade
Wednesday - 2nd Grade
Thursday - 5th Grade

Kids Deserve It

Episode 88 of Kids Deserve It with Don Wettrick


In Closing...

When we face battles, often times we're convinced we have to face them alone.  And when we face them alone we can quickly fall into darkness and despair.  Something that isn't often discussed enough is the realness of suicide.  Every 40 seconds a life is lost due to suicide.  Take the time this week to reach out to those around you.  Ask them how they're really doing and take time to listen.  And if you're struggling, know that there are so many opportunities to seek help and know that you are appreciated, cared about, and needed.  That you are worthy.  I saw this video this week and thought it was an important piece to share. It's 4 people who are sharing a letter to the person they lost after that person committed suicide.  Together we can make it through.   

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Every Moment

If there's one thing I'm consistently reminded of as an educator, is that every moment matters.  Every single moment.

That's why so often you hear the phrases like "teach bell to bell" or "pay attention to the details" or things like that.  We are only given a limited amount of time with each other and it's so important that we take advantage of every moment. Especially when we are a school, with students, who have many gains to make!

This week I challenge you to find ways to take advantage of more "moments", and then celebrate those accomplishments!  Little moments can very quickly add up to big events!

Week at a Glance

Monday - MAP Testing Continues for 3rd-5th
Fire Drill
Literacy Team Meeting - 3:45pm - Library
Tuesday - MAP Testing Continues for 3rd-5th
Lock Down Drill
Book Discussion - Prek/1st/3rd/5th (pg 44-87) - 3:45pm - Library
Wednesday - MAP Testing Concludes for 3rd-5th
See You At the Pole - 7:00am
Science and Math Vertical - 3:30pm (Math in TP Room, Science in Library)
Thursday - Delic on Campus
Girl Scout Presentation - 7:40am - Gym
Community Outreach Meeting - 3:45pm - Library
Girl Scout Presentation - 6pm - Gym
Friday - Nesloney Out at mandatory Region Training
House Games
Kona Ice after Lunch

Progress Reports

Progress Report input closes TONIGHT at 11:59pm.  So please make sure you have grades in as we will start pulling progress reports Monday, to go out Tuesday.

MAP Testing

Thank you EVERYONE for all your hard work with getting our kids Istation, F&P, and MAP tested! Our MAP testing will conclude on Wednesday.

We need all F&P scores placed into Eduphoria by Tuesday morning.


We will begin some of our committee meetings this week!  Even if you are not on a particular committee, you can join any of the meetings :-)

Delic on Campus

Delic will be on campus to meet with all teams on Thursday.  Please bring your respective data and be ready to talk kids and what we're doing to meet all needs. Let's keep it all moving in the right direction!

Fire/Lock Down Drill

We will have a Fire Drill Monday and Lock Down on Tuesday. Please review with your students all procedures. If you're confused or not sure please get with Jennifer Short.

Book Discussion

This week our PreK, 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade teachers will be meeting to discuss our book, pages 44-87.

Nesloney Out

I will be out on Friday for a mandatory T-TESS training for the new Student Learning Objectives.  I am hoping I will be able to leave the training at lunch to be back in time for House Games.  If not, Kevin Bradford will be our games host! We'll start bringing kids down at 2:00pm since it's our first games, but we'll send specific information out later this week!

Kona Ice

Kona Ice will be back on campus on Friday!  It will happen after your lunch time.

TP Time

This week's TP Time will focus on Lead4Ward and TEKS Resource.

Car Rider (MORNING) Assignments

These assignments are ONLY for those who have TP that morning. Not the entire team.

Monday - 1st Grade
Tuesday - 4th Grade
Wednesday - 1st Grade
Thursday - 4th Grade


On Friday 5th grade will stay at 7:35am for their Camp Time (due to House Games).  So 5th Grade team will need to serve morning duty that morning.


Positively Positive by our own Sue Ambrus

In Closing....

Every day we're given a choice.  We can allow our circumstances to define our attitude or we can "leave it in the car" and bring the best to our kiddos.  We have to remember that we were hired to educate these kiddos and bring our best despite things going on in our own lives.  It's tough and often we wish we could take a little break, but that's why it is soooo important to lean on each other in times of need.  TOGETHER we can do this!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Only One

We know how important our jobs are. We know we show up every day ready to not only educate our kids but also to spend time helping them see the greatness in themselves.  Sometimes though we're hit with the unexpected.  We're hit with things they don't teach you about in college.  Those things that the "outside world" of people who aren't in education don't understand about the work we do.  The "heart" work.

Wednesday I had one of those reminders.  I had one of those heartbreaking moments that so often happens with us educators.

I was doing Kindergarten lunch duty and I had a little girl (who I worked with a lot when she was in PreK) stop me. She said, "Mr. Nesloney, my daddy left a few months ago, and he didn't come back. Do you think he's going to come back to my house? Do you think he wants to see me anymore?"

In that simple moment, I must admit, it took everything in me not to break down on the spot. Just to watch the raw, open, honesty in that little girl's voice. She wasn't crying, she wasn't upset, she just asked so matter-of-fact.

It was a glaring reminder of how important we are in every child's life. Yes it is our job to educate these children and teach them their learning standards at a level of depth and complexity, but the heart of an elementary child is just as important. And how we might be that one person they need to see who won't walk out on them. Who won't leave them. Who won't "not come back".

So I did what any caring adult would do, I gave her a hug and I told her "I bet he loves you very much and you know what? He'd be crazy not to come back and see you, because I am so glad I get to see you every day". And I loved when she looked back at me and said "I'm glad I get to come here every day too".

We have to be love. There's so much hurt already.

Week at a Glance

Monday - F&P Testing Officially Begins
Constitution Ladies (5th Grade only, at their Camp)
Staff Meeting/Book Discussion (pages 24-43) - 3:45-4:45pm
School Board Meeting - 6:30pm
Tuesday - Argueta and Short Out (CPI Training)
Principals Mtg - 9am-12pm
Wednesday - Argueta and Short Out (CPI Training)
MAP Testing Begins (Hopefully!!)
Math Vertical Meeting - 3:30pm - Library
Thursday - Nesloney Out (closing on my home!)
Friday - Nesloney Out (An event in Prosper, TX and Moving!)
PTO Fundraiser Kick Off (Prek-2nd) - 1:30pm - GYM
PTO Fundraiser Kick Off (3rd-5th) - 2:30pm - GYM
Saturday - Staff Goat Yoga

F&P and MAP Testing

Last week we completed all of our K-2 Istation Testing! This week we are working on F&P for 1st-5th and Wednesday (yes, that's the new start date) we'll HOPEFULLY be beginning our MAP Testing.

As always, I am so appreciative of how patient and supportive you guys are to these changes.  There are some things that are just out of our control, yet THIS team keeps rolling with the punches and rocking it out. I know it's stressful, I know it isn't always easy, but I am so thankful you keep it all with a smile on your face.

Their a call with the MAP people on Monday to finalize everything. We'll get everything set up and hopefully be ready to go on Wednesday.  I will update you DAILY with progress.

Book Discussion

Until the last week, this is the only week we'll all be studying Disrupting Thinking together.  Please have pages 24-43 read and be ready to discuss.  This is OUR staff Book Study, so please make the 20 minutes to read these couple of pages.

Argueta and Short Out

Argueta and Short will be out Tuesday and Wednesday at CPI training. If you need anything during the day please reach me on Voxer or get a hold of Jackson or Thomas. I will be out Tuesday from 9am-12pm for a Principals' Meeting as well.

Nesloney Out

I will be out Thursday and Friday! Liz and I are buying a new home and closing and moving those days (as well as I'll be in Prosper briefly for an event). I've had SEVERAL of you ask about us moving, and just so you know we're only moving about 2 miles up the road from where we currently live.  No we aren't planning on leaving Webb and no we aren't pregnant at this time.  haha.  We just needed a bigger space. I will be available via Voxer and Text both of those days so let me know if you need anything.

PTO Fundraiser Kick Off

Our annual PTO Fundraiser kick off is this Friday.  Times are listed above. Please help with crowd control during this time.  Please try to sit with your students, instead of along the wall, to help with management.


Thursday, September 21 - Alex Cowden

TP Time

This week for TP Time we will be using the TEKS Deconstruction Tool (you can find it HERE).  Please remember to come prepared with the TEKS Deconstruction tool completed and a lesson ready to show and discuss.

Morning Duty

When it is your TP time it is important to have assigned staff at duty BY 7:15am. Not "around" 7:15am.  We also need help in the mornings with Car Rider Duty.  So for this week, the following grades in addition to who normally does it (when it's your assigned TP day) will be out on Car rider duty.  You need to open doors, and spread out along the sidewalk. 
Monday - Kinder
Tuesday - 3rd
Wednesday - Kinder
Thursday - 3rd


On Friday we will need all 3rd-5th Grade teachers helping with morning duty until 7:35am please.  5th Grade will be on car rider duty this morning.

Outdoor Classroom

Please continue finding ways to take your students OUTSIDE to learn and utilizing our outdoor classroom.

Student Forms

Please make sure you have filled out THIS form so the administration can work with you on getting forms back from those families.

Kids Deserve It

Here is this past week's episode with Tom Murray


Delayed Gratification (by our very own Cassie Reynolds)

In Closing...

As I started this post with, we all know there is hurting all around us. And in some of our own lives.  We have staff members who are dealing with losing a loved one, another miscarraige, a crumbling marriage, wondering how they're going to pay the bills, losing their only source of transportation, and so much more.  These are actual conversations I've had with members of our staff over the last two weeks.  Life is filled with sorrow, pain, and struggle.  But what it's also filled with is Hope.  And sometimes, I believe, that WE have to be that hope for others around us.  So this week I encourage you to slow down a little and take the time to talk to those around you, and actually listen.  Take time to show a smile, give a huge, or lend out a helping hand.  Everyone has something under the surface.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Week 2!

Well we did it! We made it through our first week of school.  I can't begin to tell you how proud I am to work on this campus with all of you.  It was so evident on our student's faces how happy they were to be back at Webb Elementary after a long summer.

Sometimes when we just begin something, like the start of school, it's easy to focus on the many things that we personally could have done better.  Sometimes in our own heads we amplify our mistakes.  The one thing about education to remember is that you're dealing with people (adults and children) and people are often unpredictable.  As educators we preach every day the importance of an education and learning. So we have to remember ourselves that yes, even us, are learning every day and that we will make many mistakes.

We won't always make the right choice, we won't always handle our frustrations well, maybe we lose some paperwork or forget to take attendance.  Or maybe we didn't make enough copies or unexpectedly arrived late to work.  Mistakes happen, but what we have to to is keep pushing forward, learning, and growing in-spite of our mistakes!

As we enter Week 2, my prayer is that we continue to push ourselves to new heights of educational experiences and relationship building.

Week at a Glance

Monday - TP Time Starts
K-2 Istation Testing Begins (Math and Reading)
Tuesday - Admin out from 9:00-11:30 for Admin Meeting at Central
Disrupting Thinking Book Discussion - 3:45pm
Wednesday - Team Leader Meeting - 7am
Nesloney Out from 1:30-4:00
Writing Vertical Meeting 3:30pm - Library
PTO Meeting - 5:30pm - Library
Parent Title 1 Meeting - 5:30
Thursday - MAP Testing Begins for 3rd-5th
Friday - Grandparents Day at Lunch
International Dot Day Campus Wide Celebrations
Football Game

Kevin Haliburton

First and foremost, HUGE congrats to our music teacher Mr. Kevin Haliburton on the birth of his first child this weekend! Daniel Isaiah Haliburton is here and I know we all can't wait to meet him! Mom and baby are doing great, but Kevin will not be here this whole week.

TP Time

Our Team Planning time starts this week! You can find out what day you're meeting HERE (if you don't already know).  Remember for this week we will be discussing what a TP Time looks like, likes/dislikes, etc.  We will meet in the Team Planning room in the front office and will start immediately following announcements.

Please also remember that you should be serving morning duty on the day of your TP time.  That means cafeteria, car, or gym duty until 7:40am.

K-2 Istation Testing (Universal Screener)

For my K-2 teachers you will start Istation testing this week.  I have made sure that the "Technology" Google Calendar has been shared with you.

You will need to schedule a time on that calendar to take your screeners.  You will need to schedule a time to take the Istation Math Test AND also schedule a time to take the Istation Reading test.

You can use THIS video to show you how to schedule a time on the calendar.
Computer Lab 1 is Dorton's Lab
Computer Lab 2 is the open Lab next to his
iPad Cart is....obviously the iPad cart

Dorton will NOT be using his computer lab for the next two weeks so that there is plenty of computers to do testing.  Dorton's group will be meeting in the Makerspace for the next two weeks.  That is the room right next to the lab (Allison Thomas' old room)

MAP Testing

I spoke with all 3rd-5th Grade teachers on Friday.  Remember, your MAP Testing will begin on Thursday and run through the next week.

You will need to schedule a time on that calendar to take your screeners.  You will need to schedule a time to take the MAP Math Test AND also schedule a time to take the MAP Reading test.

You can use THIS video to show you how to schedule a time on the calendar.
Computer Lab 1 is Dorton's Lab
Computer Lab 2 is the open Lab next to his
iPad Cart is....obviously the iPad cart
MacBook Lab is on a different calendar!!!

Dorton will NOT be using his computer lab for the next two weeks so that there is plenty of computers to do testing.  Dorton's group will be meeting in the Makerspace for the next two weeks.  That is the room right next to the lab (Allison Thomas' old room)

Study Island

All teachers, as soon as study island logins are fixed, remember that Study Island is available for ALL students at any time! So please use it.  If you need help, I can show you (or your team) so tricks and things when it comes to Study Island.

F&P Testing

In a previous email I may have misspoke, but F&P Testing is the week of September 18th.

Sarah has already made all of your copies of your tests for you in the workroom.

You can start earlier, but all tests must be completed by September 22nd.

Ms. Klammer is also available to help with new teachers so please reach out.

Reserving Computers on Calendar

PLEASE remember, as stated every year, you can NOT go onto the calendar and put your name on a certain date and time and have it repeat for the entire year. I've already had to go on there and delete some who have done that.

You can ONLY schedule lab time up to two weeks in advance to share the time with the other 48 teachers.

Disrupting Thinking Book Discussion

For those teachers who received the "Disrupting Thinking" book we will have our first book chat on Tuesday at 3:45pm in the Gym.  All of the book chat dates are on the campus calendar and the info in the calendar post has what pages will need to be read.

For this first meeting we will be discussing pages 1-23.  Please read them and come ready to discuss.

Grandparents Day at Lunch

Friday we will be inviting all Grandparents to come to lunch to have lunch with their grandchildren.

International Dot Day

A favorite day of mine is always International Dot Day!! We will be celebrating that (with the rest of the world) on Friday.  HERE are some great resources.

Peter Reynolds (the author) is a big fan of the work you guys are doing.  He also took the time, if you remember, to make a short video for you that I put in that video I emailed you two weeks ago.

Two years ago I also recorded myself reading the book "The Dot" for kids and staff. So if you need access to that, it is HERE as well.

Let's really go all out with Dot Day this year!!

Outdoor Classroom

We want to remind all teachers that last year we got a great grant and had that Outdoor Classroom built! Please be finding ways to take your class outside and do lessons!  We will be creating a sign up sheet soon, but as of now there is enough space for at least 3 classes so use it!

Student Papers

We have had some changes with these papers as we correct our mistakes. Please remember I shared THIS document with you. We need these forms collected. When you're collecting remember these things...

- Place each paper in a different stack.
- Alphabetize each stack
- Keep the checklist filled out so you know who you're still missing.
- Call to get the forms you need, send extra copies, make home visits.
- Get with admin if after 2 weeks we still don't have forms.
- When all forms from all of your students are collected turn into front office.


September 13 - Nicole McMillian


"And So It Begins..." (By our very own Kevin Bradford)

10 Simple Steps to Make the Most of Every Day

I Was a Racist Teacher and I Didn't Even Know It

5 Creative Ways to Engage Readers with Books

In Closing...

I met a man named Josh Shipp this past summer. I was blown away by his story and spent quite a bit of time talking to him. Then I found his talk and was reminded again of how important every one of us are in someone's life. I hope you take the time to listen to his story. And get your kleenex ready.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Let's Do This!

The beginning of the year is always an exciting time.  It's that moment of freshness.  We've had the summer to recharge a little and it's an opportunity to start again.

I can't wait to see the smiling faces and hear the little voices of laughter and excitement back on our campus.  I have loved working and preparing the last couple of weeks with all of you, but our campus just isn't the same without the kids in it!

Our state has faced some of the worst destruction and devastation in our history and we may have many families and students bringing in additional pains and hurts than they were already carrying.  Let us remember to bring hope, to bring smiles, to bring joy, to bring patience.

I am ready to open our doors and have the kids flood in.  I am ready to see the incredible work each and every one of you are going to do to not only educate our kids academically but also emotionally.  We're gonna keep this train moving forward and we're gonna blow the top off of any and all expectations this year!  Let's do this!

Week at a Glance

Monday - School Holiday
Tuesday - First Day! Arrive by 7am
Staff Meeting - after dismissal
Wednesday - Reading Vertical Meeting - 3:30pm
PTO Meeting - 5:30pm
Friday - Boy Scout Talk and House Welcome - 7:45am

First Week

Don't forget you find our "First Week Reminders" HERE.  We always say the biggest goals on day one are get your kids here, feed them, and get them home! With the students we serve it's so important we start building those strong relationships from day one as well!

Staff Meeting

We will have a very brief staff meeting after dismissal (in the gym) just to debrief from day 1!

Vertical Meeting

Our first vertical meeting will be Wednesday.  It is our Reading Vertical.  If you don't remember what vertical team you're on please see THIS document.  You will need to bring something to write with and be prepared to talk about your Reading Plans for this first couple weeks of school.  We will meet in the Library at 3:30pm.

Team Planning

We will not have Team Planning (PLC) meetings this week.  They will begin next week.  Team Leaders from K-1 need to fill out THIS document with who is on what planning days.

For the first weeks of PLC:

September 11-14 - Discuss what should PLC look like, possible ideas to discuss, likes/dislikes, etc
September 18-21 TEKS Deconstruction (for an upcoming lesson using THIS form you're familiar with)
September 25-28TEKS Resource/Lead4Ward  (how are and how can teachers use these)
October 1-5 Rattler Time expectations and setup

PTO Meeting

The first PTO meeting is Wednesday at 5:30pm in the Library. Please encourage kids to tell their families. Our PTO reps, if you could be there that would be great.

PTO dues should have already been paid by now, but if you haven't please turn that into Annie before Wednesday.

Student Papers

There are packets of student papers you either have already given out or will give out. Please remember I shared THIS document with you. We need these forms collected. When you're collecting remember these things...

- Place each paper in a different stack.
- Alphabetize each stack
- Keep the checklist filled out so you know who you're still missing.
- Call to get the forms you need, send extra copies, make home visits.
- Get with admin if after 2 weeks we still don't have forms.
- When all forms from all of your students are collected turn into front office.


Please note the House Color you're in. That will never change. The other thing that will never change is the color of house that your students are in.

Remember, last year they took on the color of their Homeroom teacher, so this is going to be a change for them. They KEEP the same color as last year.

Also, for our new enrollees, they obviously won't have a house color. So they will adopt the color of their homeroom teacher. So please let the student know that.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Universal Screening, Interventions, and F&P Testing

We will begin Universal Screening on the second week of school (September 11-15th). More info will be coming.

We will begin interventions on September 18th

F&P Testing will be the week of September 18-22nd.  We will make copies like before.

Staff Information

I still have about 10 people who have not filled out the "Staff Information" Google Form.  Please do this today.

Birthdays (since the last blog post and ahead)

August 28 - Gloria Wilkinson
August 28 - Jane Brewer
September 2 - Mariah Robinson
September 3 - Sue Ambrus
September 9 - Shelia Nelms

Kids Deserve It

You can buy a KDI shirt until next Sunday HERE.  All proceeds will be donated to schools affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Here is this past week's episode with Steven Lamkin.


In Closing....

As we meet our kids and get to know them, let's remember that often times their only limitations are those that we place on them.  Let's keep our expectations high, our dreams even higher, and our love overflowing.  Our kids are capable of incredible things

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Our 2017 Debut!

This week is our debut week! It's the week we have "Meet the Teacher".  That moment we get to share our campus with the community and families for the first time for this school year.  I. Can't. Wait.

I am so excited to open our doors and to have the hall filled with children again. The school just doesn't quite feel the same without it.  Over the last week it was wonderful to get our staff family back together.  To hear the laugher and see the smiles during our first day back with the Goose Chase around town.  To watch the lightbulbs go off in the "Talk, Read. Talk, Write" training. To hear stories from some of the Home Visits all teams completed.  To see teams coming together with incredible plans for the year. I could just go on and on.

And thank you to all who were able to attend our community walk on Saturday!  I always love that moment to get out and just see some families on a Saturday morning!

This week is going to be another fast and furious week as we place last minute touches on our campus to make it just perfect!

Week at a Glance

Monday - District Convocation, 8:30am - Brosig Auditorium (wear your new Webb Shirt)
Staff Events - After Convocation until 3:30pm
Tuesday - T-TESS Training (all certified teachers) - 8:00am-11:00am, Webb Gym
11:00am-4:00pm - Work in rooms
PreK-Kinder Meet the Teacher - 5:30-6:30pm
Wednesday - K-2 STEMscopes, 8:30am-12:00pm
3-5 STEMscopes (science teachers), 1:00pm-3:30pm
Thursday - RCA Team Meeting, 8:30am, TP Room
Work in Rooms
1st-5th Meet the Teacher - 6:00-7:30pm
Friday - Work in Rooms - 8am
Faculty Meeting - 1:00pm
Colbert Baby Shower - 3pm


1. Please bring your strength finders test PRINTED OUT for our meeting on Monday.
2. Teachers, please make sure you've completed the items on your "Teacher To-Do List"
3. All handbook forms, technology forms, and teacher certifications should have been turned in on Friday.
4.  Home Visit paperwork should have been turned in Friday.
5.  "What Am I Reading?" should have been updated Friday.
6.  Letters to students should have been mailed out last week.
7. You ALL should have already filled out THIS staff information document.


August 22 - Jessica Schutzenhofer
August 23 - Doris Banks
August 25 - Sarah Martin
August 27 - Olivia Aguinaga

Meet the Teacher

Our Meet the Teacher is coming fast! I met with Team Leaders last week to relay some information but I wanted to go ahead and put a few reminders here too....

1. Every classroom teacher must have a sign in sheet.  I need a copy of it by 8:30am the next morning.
2.  Meet the Teacher is an opportunity to meet you, but also to meet a few others (like our camp Teachers).
3.  Encourage families to stop by the Gym. We will be having some tables of different groups in there (PTO, Bus, Girl/Boy Scouts, etc).
4. This is our DEBUT to families. Smile big, show excitement, rock it out!
5. Our theme this year is "Hollywood: Where Everyone Is a Star". We've hired a party planner who will be transforming the front foyer! Super excited! Dress code is: Professional **but go all out with the hollywood theme!

Kids Deserve It

This last week we interviewed author/educator Trevor Muir who wrote, "The Epic Classroom".

Sparks in the Dark

Last week, after being incredibly moved by what happened in Charlottesville, my friend Travis Crowder and I organized a diverse panel to have an open and honest conversation about racism, diversity, and empathy. It's lengthy, but I wanted to share regardless.  We have to have more of these conversations if we expect things to change. (You can also listen through iTunes if you prefer just audio HERE.)


In Closing...

There is a lot of hurt going on around us.  There is a lot of hurt going on within our own lives.  It's important that every day we interact with others that we take that into account.  Everyone is fighting a secret battle.

As I've seen events unfold over the last week in our country, and as I spoke with some of my friends who come from backgrounds far more diverse than mine, I've been reminded of the work that is still to be done.  The injustices that exists.  The prejudices that are present that we are aware of and those ones we're not.

We can't put our head in the sand.  We can't allow ourselves to be ignorant.  We can't sweep it under the rug.  We need to have open, honest, heartfelt conversations.  And we need to be teaching our kids about empathy through rich, diverse characters that look nothing and sound nothing like them.

I love this image and little story from my friend Brad Montague that he share last week.

Dear kids of the world,

It's not supposed to be like this.

Hate is an ugly thing. Do not believe it.

There is beauty within you and all around you. You'll forget sometimes or you'll see people forget that. Love helps us remember.
We need each other. 

Us grown ups are quick to tell you how things should be (share, be kind, love everybody), but not always great at modeling it. May you stay childlike in a world that can be so childish. Love love love love love love love. ALWAYS. When things seem crazy and you don't know what to do? Love like crazy. Always. There's more to say, but even more to actually do. Fight for love. Rebel joyfully.

A grown up who still believes