Saturday, April 29, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week!  I am so excited to be able to find ways to celebrate everyone on campus this week.  At this time in the year we are all a little worn out, tired, and sometimes a little more on edge than normal.

But I am so consistently encouraged by the hard work and love you pour into these kids.  From wiping their noses, to engaging their minds, to buying them lunch, to playing at recess.

It takes every one of us to work together to ensure that our kids are successful and grow into great human beings.  And they are because of YOU. Never forget that.

Week at a Glance

Monday - Nesloney Out
Book Fair Begins
Tuesday - Argueta Out
Team Leader Meeting - 7am
Community Bridges Meeting - 4:00pm
Wednesday - Bible Study - 7am
Thursday - Nesloney Out
Friday - Nesloney Out

You've Been Mugged

Please keep the mug passing around with goodies! Remember to pass the instructions with it! And when you need a "you've been mugged" sign for your door get it from Walker!

Teacher Appreciation Week

Here is our plan for this week!

Monday - Salty Snacks for all to enjoy!
Tuesday - Sweet Snacks for all to enjoy!
Wednesday - Homemade Pancake Breakfast cooked by Marvel and Nesloney
Thursday - Ice Cream Social
Friday - Lunch from PTO

Book Fair

Our Book Fair is this week! Let's make sure we really talk this up as this may be some students final opportunity to grab some books to read over the summer.  My goal is always to have every kids walk away from a book fair with at least one book.  So I will also be working with Haven to see how we can make that happen!

House Games

THANK YOU to everyone who played a part in making our House Games  happen in April! It was a HUGE undertaking and I know the kids really loved it.  Our final House Games is Friday April 12.  They will be an outdoor, water, house games and we'll announce our YEAR long winner!

TP Time

For TP time this week, during your team's time, you will meet in the TP room and write cards to other staff on campus expressing how you're thankful for them.  Since this is Teacher Appreciation week, we want you to express your appreciation for our fellow staff as well!

Monday - 1st Grade
Tuesday - Kinder
Wednesday - 5th Grade
Thursday - 4th Grade
Friday - 3rd Grade


This week is our final week to meet about end of year T-TESS evaluations. I STILL have several teachers who have not scheduled a meeting time.

Kids Deserve It

This week is musician/pastor/activist Melissa Greene.  Melissa is a former member or the Christian singing group, Avalon, and also helps run non-profit organization Timothy's Gift.


In Closing...

Let's work together this week to start a joyful rebellion!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Finish Strong!!

We're at that point of the year where we're exhausted, the kids are testing the limits left and right, and we're easily agitated and begin to get lax on some things!

The best thing we can do as we enter into these last few weeks of school is keep our expectations high, forgive often, love more, and push to the very end.  Our kids need us now more than ever to be at the top of our game!

If there's any way you need help or support, reach out! We're all in this together!

Week at a Glance

Monday - Positive Post It Note Day
Tuesday - Nesloney off Campus from 10-2 at Region 6
Bilingual Vertical Meeting - 3:30pm - Library
Wednesday - Delic on Campus for Tested Grade Levels
National Administrative Assistants Day
Bible Study - 7am
Kinder Graduation Pictures
Thursday - Switch Day
Leiva Wedding Shower - 3:45pm - Library
Friday - House Games

Positive Post It Note Day

The Annual Positive Post It Note Day is Monday!  We'll be picking up post its for anyone who may need them, but here's out it works!

Every person (adult and child) is expected to fill out 5 Post Its Tomorrow.  They write two post its to their peers, two post its to people who work at Webb, and one post it to themselves.  This is an opportunity for everyone to recognize the greatness in others (as well as yourself).

Remember to tweet out photos using the hashtag #PositivePostItNoteDay

Nesloney Off Campus

I will be off campus Tuesday from about 10-2 at a Principal Meeting at Region 6, but I will still have my phone on me.  So please reach out if you need anything.

Delic on Campus

Delic will be on campus to meet with tested teachers during their conferences.

National Administrative Assistants Day

This is on Wednesday! Let's find ways to celebrate Mallory, Jeanette, and Annie on Wednesday!

Switch Day

Switch Day is Thursday!!  Don't forget to plan with your switch teacher what you'll be doing.  Remember, those in tested Grades, you can reschedule your switch day for May 11th.

House Games

Our Black Light house games will be FRIDAY!

August Symposium

Jo Anna Moreland sent out a link to submit sessions for the NISD Symposium in August!  I would love to have at least 50% of our staff submit proposals.  ALL of you have something great to bring to the table.  All of those who submit a proposal, and it gets accepted, will have a MAJOR prize in August.  The link to submit is here:

TP Time


Monday - 5th Grade
Tuesday - 2nd Grade
Wednesday - 1st Grade
Thursday - 4th Grade
Friday - 3rd Grade

Kids Deserve It

Here is Episode 69, with Ron Clark Academy Teacher Wade King!  It's a very moving episode!


In Closing...

All of our kids deserve for us to be our best for them every single day.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

Today is the day many around the world celebrate our Easter Holiday.

It's a time for family!

So I'll keep it short this week so you can enjoy time with family!

Week at a Glance

Monday - NO SCHOOL
School Board Meeting - 6:30pm
Tuesday - Social Studies Vertical - 3:30pm - Library
Laredo Heights Hot Dog Cookout - 5:30-7:00pm
Wednesday - Nesloney Out - T-PESS Training
Bible Study - 7:00am - TP Room
Thursday - Nesloney Out - T-PESS Training
Argueta and Jackson out in the afternoon for Skyward/Admin Training
Friday - Kona Ice - After Lunches
Fire Drill

August Symposium

Jo Anna Moreland sent out a link to submit sessions for the NISD Symposium in August!  I would love to have at least 50% of our staff submit proposals.  ALL of you have something great to bring to the table.  All of those who submit a proposal, and it gets accepted, will have a MAJOR prize in August.  The link to submit is here:

Laredo Heights Hot Dog Cookout

We are partnering with Navasota Jr. High to do our annual Spring Hot Dog cookout at Laredo Heights!  We hope to see as many staff members there as possible as we spend time loving on and serving those families.  It will be from 5:30-7:00pm, but always ends a little earlier.

Nesloney Out

I will be out two days this week for T-PESS Training.  If you need anything from me on Wednesday and Thursday, I will have access to my phone, voxer, and email.


If you have not already scheduled your final T-TESS meeting with myself or Marvel you need to do so by the end of the day Tuesday.  Remember, if Melissa was your evaluator, I will be your new evaluator.

You will need to log back into Eduphoria, access your Goals document, and complete it before your meeting with your evaluator.


April 18th - Lauren Mulgrew (Cecil)
April 20th - Liz Griesbach

TP Time

Please make sure your TEKS Deconstruction sheet is completed before you arrive at the meeting.  For grades 3-5 it should cover a TEK that was lowest on Benchmarks.

Tuesday - 2nd Grade
Wednesday - 5th Grade
Thursday - 4th Grade
Friday - 3rd Grade

Switch Day

I have shared out the document for Switch Day.  If you are a 3rd-5th Grade teacher, and doing some sort of STAAR bootcamp, you may move your Switch Day to May 11th if that makes it easier.

HERE is the document with all switch teachers.

Kids Deserve It

Here is our chat with author of "Lead Like a PIRATE" Shelley Burgess


In Closing....

I hope you enjoy this short story from my friend Brad Montague.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Always Learning

As a leader, I've always talked to you about the importance of continuing your learning.  This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a conference called "Courageous Leadership Institute".  It was an intensive 3 day training.  And even though I'm writing this on Saturday evening, I have already learned so much from the sessions on Friday and all day today and look forward to learning even more tomorrow.

I know I am not the perfect leader (no where close).  And I know I have much to learn.  This weekend has been a firm reminder of the ways in which I need to grow.

But most importantly I look forward to becoming better, for you.  For our students. And for our community.  If I am not continuing to learn and grow, I am not setting the right example.

I am so excited to be back at work on Monday ready to tackle another week!

Week at a Glance

Monday - 3rd & 4th Grade Benchmark
Staff Meeting 3:45pm
Tuesday - 3rd & 4th Grade Benchmark
Writing Vertical - 3:30pm - Library
Staff Workout - 4pm
Wednesday - 5th Grade Science Benchmark
Bible Study - 7am
PTO Meeting - 5:30pm
Thursday - End of Grading Period
Spring Pictures (and Staff Picture)
Goodbye Celebration for Melissa Boenker - 3:45pm
Friday - No School


I am working on finalizing the benchmark schedule.  Monday and Tuesday for sure, students will be testing in the gym, and lunches will need to take place in your room (or outside); except Anthony's class.

I am going to try and make Wednesday as normal a day as possible when planning.  I will have the schedule out to you Sunday evening.


This takes place every year and we want to make sure to celebrate with schools from across the world.  Please share out tweets all day on Tuesday of the great things happening on campus and include the hashtag #LoveMySchoolDay (and of course continuing to use #TxEdTuesday every Tuesday too)


April 10 - Darla Davis

Goodbye Celebration

For Melissa Boenker is Thursday at 3:45pm in the library.  Let's send her off, officially, with lots of love and well wishes!

TP Time

Monday - 1st Grade (only duty)
Tuesday - 2nd Grade (only duty)
Wednesday - 3rd Grade (only duty)
Thursday - Kindergarten

No School

No school Friday AND Monday (April 17)

Switch Day

If you've taught at Webb last year, you remember "Switch Day"! It's coming again April 27! Get excited! Your assignments are coming this week!

Job Placements for 2017-2018

I will announce all job placements on Friday May 12.

Kids Deserve It

Here is this week's episode with Joe Dombrowski


In Closing...

As educators, we can't walk into our classrooms every day and ask our students to learn if we aren't continuing our learning ourselves.  Whether we're finding new research, reading a new book, attending conferences/trainings, or gaining learning from social media, we have no excuse not to always be learning! What's something new you've learned this week?

If you can share a tweet each day this week of something you're doing in your classroom, you'll get a Sonic Drink on Thursday! Spread the love!

Keep your sense of wonder and humor and don't be afraid to dream and act like a little kid!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

A New Week and Month Begin

Last week was full of information, experiences, stress, joys, and more.  From normal day to day activities, to STAAR, to losing Mrs. Boenker.

Our campus has been through a lot. Sometimes it feels like we may be the campus who's picked on, where our people are taken, where this or that happens.  One thing I know for sure, being a man of faith, is that I believe God does everything for a perfect purpose even when we can't see it in the moment.

Losing Mrs. Boenker hit me hard. Especially knowing she is leaving in March. Melissa is a powerhouse.  She is brilliant, creative, and such a go getter.  And even more so she's become a friend.  
BUT I know she will be a wonderful school leader and I know that our Navasota kids are lucky to still have her be a part of the NISD family.  I also know that Mrs. Argueta will be a great addition to help lead our campus into the last few weeks of the year and into next year.

I love our campus family and break over every loss we experience.  I value each and every one of you and there is not one person on this campus I would get rid of.  We all bring something unique to this school and we all need each other. 

Thank YOU for being a family who acts like a family.  We love hard, we sometimes fight, we work hard, we argue, we cry together, and we show up every day ready to start again.

When I say there is no where else I'd rather be, I mean it. I have many opportunities offered to me on a weekly basis, and I turn every one of them down because Webb Elementary is truly where my heart is and it's where my family is.

This week let's take time to recognize the greatness in each other, enjoy every moment, and spread love.

Week at a Glance

Monday - Kids Deserve It 2 Informational Meeting - 3:45pm - Library
Tuesday - National School Librarian Day
Team Leader Meeting - 7am - TP Room
Reading Vertical - 3:30pm - TP Room
Staff Workout - 4pm - Gym
Wednesday - Bible Study - 7am - TP Room
Special Olympics - 8:30am - NHS Stadium
Thursday - 5th Grade Field Trip to HMNS - Argueta is Admin attending
Nesloney Off Campus in Afternoon for Principal's Meeting
Staff Workout - 4pm
Friday - Nesloney Off Campus after 9am for TEPSA
3rd Grade Living History Museum

Kids Deserve It 2 Meeting

I have gotten a lot of questions from people about more specifically what I am looking for when it comes to submitting something for the sequel to my book "Kids Deserve It".  If you have any questions or want to hear more in depth my plan, then come to the library at 3:45pm on Monday.

National School Librarian Day

NSLD is Tuesday! Let's all find ways to celebrate Mrs. Wisnoski and all the great work she does on our campus!


Just a heads up that we will be doing 3rd-5th Grade Benchmarks in a week.

TP Time

Please come prepared with your TEKS Deconstruction Tool Completed and ready to discuss an activity that fits with that TEK.  Everyone should be coming with their own completed and ready to share. Please also note the shift in some of the days and who is coming.

Monday - 2nd Grade
Tuesday - 3rd Grade (NO TP Time, but need you to help with duty)
Wednesday - 5th Grade
Thursday - 4th Grade
Friday - Kinder

Kids Deserve It

T-shirts are BACK!  You can get a baseball tee, v-neck, regular, OR our BRAND NEW Polos that are embroidered! They're only on sale until SUNDAY of next week. Get one HERE.

We had TWO AMAZING interviews this week.  One is with author Sally Pla (who wrote "The Someday Birds") and one is with Penny Kittle (who is a phenomenal ELA teacher).


In closing....

I want our school to be one that thinks differently.  That looks at children and adults differnetly.  That loves deeply, and loves all of those bodies that walk through our doors.  Each week I try and share videos that celebrate diversity and differences.  Whether that is race, religion, disabilities, socioeconomic statues, and more.

Let us build a place where everyone is valued regardless of how different they may be.  Everyone is worth celebrating.