Sunday, January 17, 2016

Let's Get Moving!

I don't know about you, but things were a little bit crazy last week!  Full moon?  Weather change? Not quite sure what it was but our kids were sure testing our limits.

As we enter closer to spring weather, we'll have more weeks like this past week.

A few things to remember
- don't change your expectations
- don't warn, warn, warn, warn; follow through with consequences
- they're KIDS.  We make them sit in a classroom all day, continue to take learning outside
- be up and active with them.  An active teacher, engages more, and stops 75% of discipline issues (because the kiddos aren't bored!).

I was so proud of the work that each of you did on Friday afternoon.  As I rotated around, I heard great conversations and saw lots of great planning taking place.

Remember as we continue to move forward to keep referring back to those field guides.  Every lesson you plan, TEK you teach, and activity you prepare should be accurately covering those standards, and that field guide is our best resource.

My challenge for you this week is to be up out of your seat moving and working with kids 75% of the class time.  For some of you that'll be super easy, for others it may feel awkward or different.  I promise you, when you are full of life and up and active with your kiddos, they're automatically more engaged.

Lesson Plans

Your lesson plans should be updated through January 29th


Grades are due TODAY (Sunday)

This Week at Glance

Monday - Holiday
Tuesday - Brandi Keel on campus (for 3rd-5th Math)
Math Vertical Meeting (3:15pm)
After school with Brandi (3:45pm; 3rd-5th Math)
School Board Meeting (6:30pm)
Wednesday - Twitter for Beginners (4pm; Library)
Thursday - Terry, Todd, Aaron off campus all day (Central Admin will be present)
JoAnna Moreland on Campus (during conference)
EdCampNavasota Meeting (4pm; for those interested in helping)

Computer Labs

The MacBook lab at the end of 3rd grade hall will not ONLY be used for 3rd-5th Grade.  The calendar has been shared with those teachers to be reminded of the pre-determined lab times.

The other computer lab will be used for Kinder daily Istation and for 1st-2nd grade to use.

Remember there is also an iPad cart you can check out using the technology calendar.  The iPad cart is available M, T, Th.

Team Planning

Please bring your binders.  Also bring your predetermined Math and ELA TEK to study.

Monday - Holiday
Tuesday - 4th Grade
Wednesday - 3rd Grade
Thursday - 2nd Grade
Friday - Kindergarten

EdCamp Navasota

We have a unique opportunity to not only show off our campus, but to learn alongside of other educators from around the state.  If you haven't signed up for EdCamp Navasota you can find information on the website.  PLEASE share with other teachers you know around the state.  A flyer is also on our website


Nina Salazar - Saturday January 23


Everyone Leaves an Impact (written by an 8th Grader)

Rockstar Educators

Brenda Parker - Brenda is a PreK teacher here on campus.  She always has the most calm and soothing demeanor.  And the way she speaks to her students is with such respect.  Every time I've walked into her classroom her kiddos have been so well behaved.  Brenda is also one that has been pushing herself outside of her comfort zone and trying new things in new ways.  I love the ideas she shares with me and her continuation of always wanting to do better!  We are lucky to have Brenda!

Lisa Marsh - Lisa is a Kinder teacher.  Lisa is one of the most giving teachers I've seen.  She is always sharing ideas and never tries to just keep things to herself.  She's also one of the, if not the, first teacher on campus every single day.  She is always learning and willing to try new things even if they don't work.  Lisa makes me laugh every time I talk to her!  I love watching Lisa in action!  She definitely makes us better.

A couple of Reminders:

Students are allowed to bring devices to school.  BUT they should not have them out at recess, lunch, or dismissal/arrival.  Please let students know that if we see a device during that time, we will take it up and they will have to pay $15 to get it back (district policy)

Please make sure you are monitoring during recess.   Cell phones should not be out at all during recess unless you are using it to contact an administrator.  We need to be spread out and vigilantly monitoring. ESPECIALLY during the Spring Semester.

Cell Phones
Through walking observations we have noted many times of walking by a classroom and seeing a teacher on their phone.  I am not a believer in making wide rules, such as no cell phones allowed during instructional times.  But in saying that, we are getting heat from Facebook posts that are happening during the school day that have nothing to do with children.  And it's more than just a couple of times that we've walked by and seen teachers at their desks on their phones.  We have too much to do to have time to be texting during the day if it has nothing to do with sharing our story on social media.  

As an elementary teacher, there should be far and few between times that we actually have time to sit.  In all actuality we should really only be sitting when we're working with a student individually or a small group or if kids are testing (and even then we should monitor some)
Just today in walking observations out of 18 teachers I walked by 11 were sitting behind their desks while the students were working on activities. 
Again, we do not have time to waste with our children.  We are filling more gaps then we have time to fill.
My challenge to you, and something I'm going to be taking note of, is to actively but up and interacting with your students.  Even when doing a lesson with a document camera, it doesn't mean you have to be seated the whole lesson.  If we want our kids to be engaged, we have to be moving around actively with them!

We have been given such a special opportunity.  We have been given time with children.  Time to shape them, mold them, instruct them.  Time to invest and make them into better individuals.  Don't miss even a single opportunity!

Loved this video:

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