Sunday, January 31, 2016

100th Day and Famous in First!

We've got another exciting week ahead of us!

I wanted to start this blog post talking about the power of laughter and smiling.  This week during car duty one day, a parent stopped me and said... "I just love picking my child up everyday because everyone looks so happy, and they're smiling, and they always tell us to have a great afternoon".

After she said that I started watching, and it was true.  The energy was there.  And it was amazing to watch, that even after a long day we can pull it together to end the children's day with a smile and some laughter and love.

My challenge to you this week is smile and laugh more.  Even when we feel the least like it.  I also encourage you to remember what Jennifer LaGarde challenged you to do; learn something new about one student each day.

This is also the week we have our 100th day of School and that Chris Pombonyo is here!  Have fun with it!

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans should be updated through February 12th


Don't forget to be mentioning the Fundraiser every day!  The FINAL day of our Fundraiser is Monday February 8th.  All money should be turned in then.

Week at a Glance

Monday - Discipline Committee Meeting
Tuesday - Social Studies Vertical Meeting
Wednesday - 100th Day of School
Chris Pombonyo (@FamousInFirst) on campus; Training at 3:35pm for all classroom teachers
Thursday - Nesloney Off Campus
District Spelling Bee; 6:30pm; Brosig Auditorium
Friday - Nesloney Off Campus

Upcoming Events

Monday, February 8th - 4th and 5th Benchmarks - NO CAMP FOR ANY GRADE (you will still get coverage for a break)
Tuesday, February 9th - 5th Grade Benchmarks - Regular Camp Times
Wednesday, February 10th - Early Release Day - More info Coming about that afternoon

Team Planning

Monday - 5th Grade
Tuesday - 4th Grade
Wednesday - 3rd Grade
Thursday - Kinder
Friday - 1st Grade

Kids Deserve It

Episode with Nicholas Ferroni

EdCamp Navasota

We have over 100 registrants now!  Have you signed up yet?


Lisa Marsh - February 3
Brittany Taylor - February 5
Angela Calkins - February 7
Amanda Mershon - February 7


Rockstar Educators

Liz Griesbach - Liz is a 5th Grade ELA.  And one KILLER 5th grade ELA teacher at that.  Not only does she always have high expectations of her students but she knows exactly where each student is academically and has a wealth of ideas on what to do to help them.  She is creative, energetic, and a born leader.  I love listening to Liz share all her ideas because they always blow me away.  Liz also is one of those people who steps up whenever needed without anyone having to ask twice.  I am so thankful for Liz's leadership!

Allison Guy - Allie took the leap into a new grade level this year, and she has done tremendously!  She is a 1st grade teacher.  I love watching Allie's creativeness.  From continuously changing her classroom and seating options to see what works best for her students, to their class pet.  If you haven't met Dunkin the bunny, you must.  He has such a great story and even blogs and tweets!  How cool is that?  Allie has been a huge asset to our team and one her kiddos are lucky to have.

This week we begin the month of February.  Where did January go???  Let's not miss a moment to impact the lives of our students.  Notice those who are quiet, who are easily forgotten.  Spend time learning outside in the fresh air and sunlight.  Read more, talk less.  But most of all, love what you do and have fun. 

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