Friday, October 7, 2016

Find Time for YOU

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming.  We have deadlines, workloads, family stress, and more.  Something that is important for us is to find time for ourselves.  We have to be investing in something isn't related to school.  Otherwise we will burn out.

For some of us that's working out, cooking, running, gardening, reading, going shopping, crafting, and so much more.

It's important we take care of ourselves or else we're not good for anyone else.  Take time for YOU this week.

This Week At A Glance

Monday - Parent Information Meeting about Webb's Targeted Improvement Plan
Tuesday - Fire Drill
Math Vertical 3:30pm - TP Room
Wednesday - PTO Mtg; 5:30pm - Library
Thursday - Delic (our PSP) will be on Campus
Friday - 4th Grade to Blinn
Gradebook Closes for REPORT CARDS
Saturday - EdCamp College Station

Delic (our PSP)

Delic will be on our campus on Thursday.  For this visit she will NOT need to meet with teams because I don't want to take away from your Parent/Teacher Conferences.  If you would like to chat with her, she will be here.  We will also be doing classroom walkthroughs and more.

Report Cards

Report Cards close on FRIDAY at 3:45pm.  Please make sure you're getting things ready for that.  There should be no surprises for parents.

EdCamp College Station

EdCamp College Station is Saturday, October 15th!  It's free and for sure will be awesome.  Register HERE.

TP Times

TP Times will be an extra opportunity for Parent/Teacher Conferences

Monday - 1st Grade
Tuesday - 2nd Grade
Wednesday - 5th Grade
Thursday - 3rd Grade
Friday - 4th Grade

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans should be updated through October 21st

Education Foundation

If you're interested in a free ticket to the Education Foundation Dinner on November 1st, please email Mr. Nesloney


Anna Wilkerson - October 10
Dorton Matthews - October 11
Courtney Moore - October 16

Kids Deserve It

Episode 44 is with educator Stephanie Frosch.


Rockstar Educators

TJ Longabaugh - TJ is one of our PreK IAs.  But TJ is so much more than that.  I have never seen TJ ever sitting around.  She is always busy and looking for something to do.  She is incredibly helpful and will step up in a moments notice.  She cares so deeply about the students at this school.  I have loved working alongside TJ.  She continually pushes me to want to be better and work harder.

Kelsey Kuehler - Kelsey is one of our new 1st grade teachers.  It has been an absolute joy watching Kelsey join our team.  She is so great with her students and connects with them so well. She isn't afraid to get on their level.  She is always open to advice and seeks out help when she needs it.  I can't wait to see what kind of even more amazing teacher Kelsey will grow into year after year.

Alex Anthony - Alex is a 2nd grade teacher.  Alex has such a creative mind and is a natural leader.  What I admire most about Alex is that I don't think she really comprehends or believes just how good of an educator and leader she is.  Alex is patient and constantly striving to do what's best for all of her students.  She wants her kids to have experiences and do something outside the norm.  Our campus is great because we have so many teachers just as great as Alex!

In Closing....

What we can't lose sight of is the simple fact that we have to bring our best for the kids every day. That every day is a fresh start.  A new chance to do something great, to be someone great.

Let's tell our kids each and every day just how special they are.


  1. you made my cry!!!! Sweet, happy tears!! Have a great weekend Boss!

  2. you made my cry!!!! Sweet, happy tears!! Have a great weekend Boss!