Sunday, August 21, 2016

Here We Go!

Can you believe it???  The day is finally here!  Tomorrow our halls will again be filled with the sounds of children's voices.

The first day of school is and has always has been an extremely exciting time for me as a teacher.  I never did sleep much the night before, I wondered if I really had enough things prepared, I checked my room again and again and again to make sure everything was just perfect.

Listening to the conversations at Meet the Teacher, I was reminded of just how excited our kids and their families are to be reunited with us.  The air was full of joy, hope, excitement, and yes a little nervousness too.

But that nervousness is to be expected.  They want so badly for you to like them.  They want to feel like they belong.  And truly, that is our job the first day of school.

The best things we can do Day 1 are get to know them, set expectations, show them compassion and love, and help them feel like they're part of something truly special.  So that Day 2 is even that much more exciting for them.

I say again and again how thrilled I am to work with a staff like the one we have.  We truly have something very special here.  Something others from outside have seen as well.  From Brenham, to Katy, to Anderson, to Dallas.  People hear about your passion, see the great work you're doing, and more! So let's go out there and make this year the best year ever! Let the Adventure Begin!

Week At A Glance
Monday - Brief Staff Meeting at about 3:45pm
Thursday - Fire Drill, Boy Scout Talk with all boys at 7:45am
Friday - Lock Down Drill

First Week
Remember that we've provided you with a "First Week Reminders" document.  We will also need as many hands on deck for the morning time, especially the first two days.

TP Time
TP time will start on Wednesday of this week.  Our first TP time will be spent discussing interventions and what we expect that time to look like.  Melissa and Aaron will be leading those discussions.
Wednesday - 5th Grade
Thursday - 4th Grade
Friday - 3rd Grade

Lesson Plans
Lesson Plans should have already been submitted for the first two weeks.  If you did not put them in our lesson plan folder, you will be receiving an email today.

It is so important that you decide on a date for your Goal Setting and PD Conference with your T-TESS Evaluator.  Don't wait until the last minute.


Camp will start from Day 1.  All students will go to PE.  From that point you will need to send your students to the locations designated on the Google Calendar.  Be sure to split your students into groups (Except PK and K)

We will need to be patient and flexible our first few days of lunch.  Please make sure, like it says in the First Week document, that you sit with your students at lunch at least the first three days.

Here are all of our August Birthdays!

August 4 - Karla Hinojosa
August 8 - Kathy Leiva
August 13 - Haven Wisnoski
August 14 - Traci Colbert
August 14 - Kassi Lang
August 20 - Kheli LaBlue

This Week
August 22 - Jessica Schutzenhofer
August 23 - Doris Banks
August 25 - Sarah Martin
August 27 - Olivia Aguinaga
August 28 - Gloria Wilkinson
August 28 - Jane Brewer
August 28 - Kelsey Bryant

Kids Deserve It

Episode 36 is below.  You can also join our weekly #KidsDeserveIt twitter chats on Wednesday nights at 8pm.  They last 30 minutes and if you need help on how to participate I'll gladly help!


Rockstar Educators

This year again, each week, we are going to recognize some rockstar effort, activities, or more we've seen.  Sometimes it'll come from me, sometimes it'll come from what others have seen!

Haven Wisnoski - Haven always goes above and beyond.  She worked tirelessly last year and into the summer to catalog and organize all our materials.  And when she came back in August she did even more!  Haven also is incredibly artistic and talented.  She painted all the paintings you'll see in the Library, as well as our front three showcases in our foyer, and two (if not more) bulletin boards in our hallways.  Haven is a jack of all trades!  She is creative, passionate, and opinionated! haha.  I am so thankful we have someone like Haven around who brings so much to the table and makes things better for us and our students.

Jeanette Enriquez - Jeanette doesn't get near the recognition she deserves.  She works at the front desk and translates documents and phone class, deals with upset parents, runs errands, and so much more.  And you know what? She does it every day with a smile. I have never once heard her complain, be negative, or pout about anything.  She knows so clearly that our jobs are to serve others, and to serve with a smile.  I am so incredibly grateful for all the work Jeanette does and that our Webb families get to interact with her on a daily basis.

Melissa Boenker - Wow.  Impressed does not even begin to describe how I feel about our new Assistant Principal.  Melissa is incredibly intelligent, she's creative, she an out of the box thinker, and she's full of energy!  Within the short amount of time that Melissa has been with us, she's already been a tremendous asset.  Melissa also cares so deeply about our students AND staff and making sure needs are met.  She continually is asking "how can I help" or "what do you need me to do".  I can't wait to see all the more we'll accomplish this year with the help of Melissa.

In closing...

Yesterday or the day before I came across the video below.  And I watched the first minute of the video I felt tears streaming down my face.  How many of our children walk into environments that are just like that.  Where the adults don't even acknowledge them or only tell them what they CAN'T do.  We have such power as educators. Every one of us regardless of our "role" on campus.  Let's make sure we continually find ways to leave our own mess in our car, and bring the best for our kids.  We may be the only smile or hug they see all day.

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