Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bring on Week 2!

We did it! Not only did you make it through week 1, but I think it was our strongest week 1 yet!  We got many compliments from students and families who could feel the love and excitement radiating out of our school.  I hope you took some time this weekend to refuel yourself.

I also got lots of compliments on the pictures you guys were sharing out of the great things happening in your classroom!  Thank you for sharing our story online.  The parents are seeing it, and LOVING it!

As we enter week 2 it's so important that we keep the momentum going.  We need to make sure that we keep our expectations high, that we keep reminding students of our CHAMPS, that we are utilizing our "name and check on the board" system campus wide, and that we're asking our students to track us as we teach.

Don't forget we also start awarding house points this week!  So build that team spirit every chance you get!

Week at a Glance

Monday - Yellow House Meeting - 8:35am - Cafeteria
Tuesday -  Red House Meeting - 8:35am - Cafeteria
Math Vertical Meeting - 3:30pm (please be on time!)
Wednesday - Green House Meeting - 8:35am - Cafeteria
Thursday - Orange House Meeting - 8:35am - Cafeteria
Friday - Purple House Meeting - 8:35am - Cafeteria

TP Time

As we move into Week 2 of TP time, it's important you come prepared to each meeting ready to: discuss the standards selected, bring your field guide (you should have studied the TEK BEFORE arriving through the field guide), and bring an activity that you would use with that TEK.  Remember to refer to THIS Google Spreadsheet to see what you're studying that week. Please come prepared.

Monday - 1st Grade - discussing interventions with Marvel/Boenker
Tuesday - 2nd Grade - discussing interventions with Marvel/Boenker
Wednesday - 5th Grade
Thursday - 4th Grade
Friday - 3rd Grade

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans should be updated through September 9th.


You need to have a Goal Setting Meeting date decided upon by WEDNESDAY of this week with your evaluator.  The meeting should take place before September 21st.  We can not wait until last minute to get these done.

F&P Testing

F&P testing begins this week!

Progress Reports

The end of the first grading period is September 9th.  Don't wait until last minute to put grades in.  The grade period dates are all on the Google Calendar, as well as the dates to put in grades by!

Monday, September 5th

School Holiday! Make sure parents/students know.

Morning Arrival

There will be some changes coming to morning arrival, starting tomorrow.  Parents will still be allowed to eat breakfast with their students.

They will not be allowed to stand around in the gym with students.  Once breakfast is done for their child they will need to exit so we can build responsibility with the child.

Also, no more parents should be walking their child to the classrooms as of Monday either.  Let me know if you need an admin to provide some reminders for parents :-)

International Dot Day

International Dot Day is coming!!! September 15th!  HERE is a document for your planning.


September 3 - Sue Ambrus - Headstart

Kids Deserve It

Episode 37 is below. You can also join our weekly #KidsDeserveIt twitter chats on Wednesday nights at 8pm.  They last 30 minutes and if you need help on how to participate I'll gladly help!


Rockstar Educators

Nina Salazar - Nina is one of our instructional aides on campus.  I picked Nina this week because this year I decided to challenge her (as well as Ms. Banks) and give them something a tiny bit different.  I wanted to push Nina and stretch her a little by giving her our 3rd-5th grade Art students.  I have seen that she has a taste for artistic things as well.  I love how Nina didn't complain or whine or threaten to quit! She jumped right into it.  Nina knew that I am always looking to grow our staff and to give our kids different opportunities as well.  I was so impressed by her attitude and can't wait to see what she comes up with with our older students.  We always have to be willing to grow and try new things and Nina has done just that!

Kassi Lang - If you haven't been in Kassi Lang's kindergarten room, you must stop by.  When Kassi first mentioned to me that she wanted to try a desk-less classroom and really provide some flexible seating options, I told her to run with it.  And man, did she!!  And guess what? The kids are loving it and so is she.  Yes it's different.  Yes it took a little getting used to.  But her students are being given choice, voice, options, and more.  They're getting to learn in an environment that is different and fun and a place they can't wait to be.  That's what we want for our kids!! BIG Kudos to Kassi for stepping out and trying something new as well!

Kelsey Bryant - Kelsey is a brand new teacher!  And brand new to PreK.  I have absolutely loved watching Kelsey interact not only with her students but also other members of her team and this campus.  She comes with a big smile every day and a great attitude.  But what I have respected even more about Kelsey, is that even though she is a first year teacher, she hasn't had that fear of "not asking for help".  She seeks out advice, she leans on others, and she knows that to be the best teacher she can be, she can't do it alone.  Our campus and our kids are really lucky to have Kelsey aboard this adventure.

In Closing...

I have said this before, but I know I'll say it many times again this year.  I absolutely love coming to work every day.  I love seeing all your faces, hearing your stories, watching you shine, laughing together, snapping pictures to share, and just flat out watching everyone bring their best for kids.  I believe with all my heart that we have something special here that isn't at many places.  We have our tough days, our arguments, our stresses, but in the end we show up because they kids, many of them, have no one else.  We are their family.  So love bing this week. Forgive often. and Smile more than is necessary.  We're changing lives y'all.

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