Sunday, March 6, 2016

Make Every Day Count

It's here!  The last 5 days until we get a much needed Spring Break!  As we've worked through these last few weeks, I've felt the stress.  STAAR, TELPAS, Grades, Behavior, Parents, and just life in general.  Like I've said many times before February/March are the hardest times of the school year.  Together we're going to make it through this. The end is in sight!

What I have loved is even in spite of all the stress, I've seen laughing, I've seen teachers eating with their students, I've seen classes learning outside.  The biggest thing about being a teacher is that we have to leave OUR drama in our cars and bring our A game for our kids.  They deserve nothing less.

Remember where we need to keep our perspective. We must continually work to find the good in life's difficult moments.  We must search out solutions and not settle on complaining.  We can do this....together!

I also heard this song this week, loved it, and had to share.

Team Planning

As always, PLEASE remember to bring your Mentoring Mind teacher editions and laptops. **PLEASE NOTE SOME SHIFTS IN DAYS

Monday - 5th Grade
Tuesday - 2nd Grade
Wednesday - 3rd Grade
Thursday - 4th Grade
Friday - Kinder

Important Dates this Week

Tuesday - Jo Anna Moreland on Campus (meet during conference)
Math Vertical - 3:15pm
TELPAS Rater Training - for those who got a calendar invite - 3:30pm
PTO Meeting - 5:30pm
Wednesday - Team Leader Mtg - 7:00am
Cookie Fundraiser Arrives
Music Program for 5th - 1:45pm - Cafeteria
Thursday - STAAR Small Group Training (for some grades/teachers)
Friday - Hawaiian Day - Nachos, Celebration, Wear your favorite Hawaiian Gear!


Monday - March 7 - TJ Longabaugh
Thursday - March 10 - Maria Alcantara
Friday - March 11 - Brenda Parker
Wednesday - March 16 - Annie Walker

Kids Deserve It

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Articles/Blog Posts

National Teacher of the Year, Nearly Quit After First Semester

7 Google Tricks to Learn During Spring Break

Building Bridges

Rockstar Educators

Olivia Aguinaga - Olivia is one of our 3rd grade math/science teachers.  Olivia is passionate, determined, and focused.  She knows her stuff.  Olivia has such a great laugh and such a humorous playful side.  She creates clear boundaries for her students and really works with the not only on academics but also on behavioral expectations.  She works tirelessly and is super creative.  I am thankful to work alongside her!

Konnie Harber - Konnie is one of our 2nd grade teachers.  I love Konnie's tenacity.  She has a few of the more "be on your toes constantly" kind of students.  She's faced many trials this year, or all shapes and forms, and she keeps coming back.  She's not afraid to share her feelings, and she cares so very deeply about her students.  Konnie, like many of you, is a trooper.  She also has many interesting life facts that people don't really know!  I love any time I get to sit and chat with her.  And I am grateful, even through her classroom trials, that she has stayed with us here at Webb!

With only a few days left until a break, we can do this!  This week keep the expectations in place, smile, laugh, play outside, go to lunch with your kids, go to PE and play, have fun.

And remember, we are so excited about Spring Break, but some of our students are not.  Some of are students are fearful of the environment they may be heading into with no escape, or not having enough food, or more.  Hug them a little tighter this week.

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