Sunday, February 14, 2016

Let Go, Hold On

I have always thought that February was one of the hardest months of the school year.  It's a time where many of us feel like we have less patience, we feel under appreciated, we feel overworked and stressed.

I know, I've been there, and on some days am still in that spot.  It's a time where testing season is around the corner and it feels like we have far too many things on our plate.

But we're educators.  this is when we can shine the brightest.  This is when we remember we have that unique kind of career where lives are in our hands.  Where we have the choice each and every morning when we get out of bed, how we're going to impact not only children, but adults too.

My challenge for you this week, is when you're feeling down, distraught, forgotten, alone, unloved, unsuccessful, to reach out.  Let your team know, let me know.  We're in this together.  And together is the only way we make it through this career.  The educators who burn out are those who try to do it alone and don't ask for help.  I remember the chapter in Kim Bearden's book, where she tried so hard to hold in her divorce and it almost destroyed her.

We're here for each other.  Even if I have to tell some corny joke to lift your spirits.  We'll do whatever it takes to make sure every one of us makes it across that finish line in May.  Because if one of us falls, then we've all failed.


Maura Pavlock - Thursday February 18
Susan Brak - Friday February 19

Team Planning

Monday - 5th Grade
Tuesday - 4th Grade
Wednesday - 3rd Grade
Thursday - 2nd Grade
Friday - Kinder

National Geographic Young Explorer

We will have a Young National Geographic Explorer visiting our campus on Tuesday.  Her name is Alize Carrere.  She will be presenting to the entire student population at 9:30am on that day in the Cafeteria. We will start calling for grade levels at 9:15am.  This will only affect 1st Grade's Camp time. This is HUGELY exciting!!

Admin Out

Terry, Kathy, and Aaron will be out all day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at an assessment conference.

Important Dates this Week

Monday - Staff Meeting - 3:45pm
Tuesday - National Geographic Explorer - 9:30am - Cafeteria/Gym
OPTIONAL Twitter Chat with a School in Oklahoma - 3:45pm - Library
Thursday - TELPAS Calibration - those know who need to attend
Friday - 2nd Grade Field Trip
Writing Wall Samples Due
Marvel out and Nesloney out at Noon

Twitter Chat

As you can see above, another Principal I know in Oklahoma is working with her staff on Twitter.  She asked if we could work together as campuses to help our staff who were interested learn how to participate in a Twitter chat!  So, on Tuesday after school you're invited to learn how to participate in Twitter chats by doing one with another campus!  It should be fun!  Hope to see a few of you there!

Articles/Blog Posts

Kids Deserve It

This week's interview with the AMAZING, Hope King.

EdCamp Navasota

EdCamp is right around the corner!!! February 27th!  We have registrants from ALL over the state of Texas!  Hope to see you there!!

Rockstar Educators

Carolyn Hafley - Carolyn is our Resource Teacher here at Webb.  She is such a calming force of nature.  If you've never taken the time to talk with Carolyn you must.  She is incredibly intelligent and cares so very deeply for not only the kids she services but for all our kids.  I love how she's always got another idea to share with me.  She's passionate and driven.  I am so thankful we were able to add Carolyn to our team this year because we are better with her.

Lauren Cecil - Lauren is a 2nd grade teacher.  There are some days that I'm still surprised this is Lauren's first full year teaching.  Lauren has lots of really great ideas and is always willing to share with others.  Lauren also is passionate about the work she does and will do anything to help her kids find success, even if that means giving them a ride home just so they can stay for tutoring.  I am thankful to have Lauren and her ideas and spunk to help continually push us forward.

Why do you #LoveTeaching?

I greatly encourage you to read THIS post and share throughout this week.  Join the movement.

Well that's it everyone!  This week is only going to be as good as we make it, so let's make it the best!  And remember, lean on others, ask for help, don't try to do it alone.

AND, if the weather is great, take your kids OUTSIDE to learn!  #KidsDeserveIt

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