Saturday, November 14, 2015

Let's Crash this Course

The time is near....the arrival of Kim Bearden!

But even more exciting for me, is seeing/hearing/feeling the excitement on campus.  I can't wait to see the incredible things you all are going to do on Monday for our kiddos.  And I can't wait for you to meet and hear from Kim Bearden as well.

We've all worked so hard and tirelessly with NO BREAK for months!  And our week long break is near!!

Let's fill this week with amazing lessons, belly laughs, big hugs, high fives, cheers, celebrations, and most of all, love.

Holidays can be a tough time for so many of our kids.  The uncertanity of food or shelter.  The potential of being stuck with family who may be verbally or physically abusive.  And so much more.

Let's wrap our kiddos with lots of patience, kindness, and love this week.

I am right now, sitting in an airport on my way home from a conference called Miami Device...and this conference was very different for me.  First of all I was incredibly torn to be gone for several days while you all were working tirelessly at campus.  And on the other hand, I found myself tearing up many times as I shared stories of the work you guys were doing for kids, or as people came up to me to ask about some of you because of the tweets or blog posts they had seen.

The work you do is impacting far more than just the students and families of Navasota.  It may be hard to believe, becuase it's still hard for me to fathom, but I see it every time I travel.

You guys are incredible and there is NO team that I would rather be a part of.

A friend of mine, John Spencer, shared this video this week.  I fell in love with it.

Team Planning

There will be no team planning meetings this week.  Our Camp leaders have worked tireless this year with most of them not even getting a conference period.  This week, they'll have that 7:45-8:30 time to hang out in classrooms and visit with kids in a different element.

As administrators we will be dropping by and checking in with teams and team leaders all week this week.

BECKY HARRISON will be here on Thursday.  Please know where your kids are academically, what you're doing to help them, interventions, and data.

Book Fair

Book Fair begins this week!  This is a great fundraiser for our library!  Book Fair will also be open at STEM night! Tell your kiddos!

Important Things This Week

Monday - Crash Course Day (training with Kim Bearden after school)
Tuesday - Nesloney is gone at AIE Conference (for priority schools)
Science Vertical Meeting - 3:15pm
STEM Night - 5:00-7:00pm
Wednesday - Nesloney is gone at AIE Conference (for priority schools)
Thursday - Becky Harrison on Campus
Friday - Fire Drill


Rockstar Educators

Geralyn Jackson - Geralyn has one of the biggest hearts on our campus.  She is always looking to help kids emotionally, financially, and physically.  She steps up everywhere she's needed and will never back down to celebrate or help out a kiddo.  When I met Geralyn a year or so ago, I knew she was something special, and she re-proves it every single day.

Evangelic Sipp - Evangelic is such a creative force.  She's always looking for better ways to do things and isn't afraid to ask for help.  She's also got such a heart for her kiddos.  She always has a smile on her face even when she's at her wits end.  I love talking with her because she's always got such a great attitude and belief in her students potential and ability.

Cassie Reynolds - November 17
KVon Lambert - November 23
Dorothy Sargent - November 24
Andrea Day - November 28

Let's make this week the best week of the school year so far!  The Kids Deserve It!

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