Sunday, October 25, 2015

Obvious to You, Amazing to Others

One thing educators are consistently reminded of are the great things being done around them.  We see teachers with creativity we wish we had, leaders with strength we want to emulate, parents with patience we long for, and more.

And when we are surrounded by others like that all the time it's easy for us to begin wondering where our gifts are.  What do we have to offer that is worth anyone's time?

The video below is a video I came across this summer and it kind of changed the way I view all of that.

Every one of us has something that we view about ourselves as ordinary or obvious.  But the thing we must remember is that we are here on this Earth with gifts and abilities that are unique to us.  And we can view as the most ordinary thing ever, can be something that inspires someone else.  That pushes someone else.  That encourages someone else.

So let's take a moment to reflect and think about all the amazing qualities we posses and stop being so hard on our gifts.  You are here because you are amazing. Because you hold worth.  And most important, because you matter.  Don't ever doubt that.

Book Talk

This week we will not have a book talk so that you can focus on parent/teacher conferences.  But my advice would be to keep reading because we only have two weeks left!

Important Things This Week

Sunday - Grades due TONIGHT
Monday - Trainings/Work in Rooms/Parent Conferences Begin (refer to schedule in email)
Tuesday - Begin Red Ribbon Week; Becky Harrison on Campus for Admin
Wednesday - Photos (information below)
Friday - Dress up as Favorite Book Character

Team Planning

(TEAM PLANNING THIS WEEK will be an open time for you to complete conferences)

Tuesday - Kinder
Wednesday - 3rd
Thursday - 2nd
Friday - 1st

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans should be updated through November 6th

This Week's Student Video


Rockstar Educators

Cassie Reynolds - Cassie has such a huge heart for her kids.  Every conversation I have with her seems to revolve around what she can do to encourage, inspire, push her students.  But not only that Cassie pushes herself.  She attends EdCamps, Trainings, Tweets, Blogs, Classroom Champions, and so much more.  Cassie is a Rockstar for her love for kids and continually looking to grow and never be satisfied.

Becky Madison - There are few people I know with a heart as big as Becky's.  Becky buys clothes for our neediest kids, drives students to doctor appointments, finds resources, hosts food fundraisers, and so much more that no one sees.  I am thankful every single day we were able to steal Becky away to Navasota because her love and compassion is something so needed.  Those kids adore our nurse and it isn't hard to see why.


October 31 - Kevin Bradford


This Wednesday is picture day!  All PE classes will go to the Teaching Theatre (next to the Library) on Wednesday.

We will be set up taking photos in the gym.  It will probably be an all day affair.  We will start at 8:30 and call classes down one at a time via your classroom phone.  There is not a "set" schedule, so we appreciate your patience and flexibility.

We will make sure to get our youngest kiddos before their lunch and recesses.  We will try our hardest with the older grade levels.

Please have your students lined up in ABC order before they come down to the Gym.

Well there ya go!  So this week, find ways to celebrate those around you and on your team.  Find sneaky little ways to show them that they're amazing and that you appreciate them.  We all needed to be reminded of our worth from time to time. Give compliments AND accept compliments

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