Sunday, March 19, 2017


I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL spring break and that you spent a little time resting and getting refreshed! You deserve it!

Week at a Glance

Monday - Teacher Workday
K-5 Teachers - Cafeteria - 8am
IAs - Office - 8am
STAAR Training at 2pm - All Staff - Gym
Tuesday - Delic on Campus (for all 3-5 Teachers)
Math Vertical - 3:30pm - TP Room
Staff Workout - 4pm
Wednesday - Bible Study - 7am
Fire Drill
Thursday - Nesloney Off Campus
Staff Workout - 4pm


K-5 Teachers will need to be in the cafeteria by 8am. Please do not be late.

You will need to bring your laptop, lesson plans, and any Lead4Ward Materials you may have.

IAs will report to front office for assignments.

There will be a STAAR training for ALL staff at 2pm in the Cafeteria as well.

TP Time

Monday - 1st Grade (at 1:30pm)
Tuesday - 2nd Grade
Wednesday - 5th Grade
Thursday - 4th Grade
Friday - 3rd Grade


March 22 - Kevin Haliburton
March 23 - Eric Ceballos

Kids Deserve It

Episode 63 with Erik Qualman


Rockstar Educators

Shelia Nelms - Shelia is one of our IAs on campus.  What I love about Shelia is that she will step up wherever I ask her to.  Whether it's been with car duty, PreK, Kinder, or even 1st Grade! And she is so great with our kids.  She shows up ready to work and our students really love seeing her and working with her. I'm so thankful we have compassionate and passionate educators like Shelia.

Theresa Sanders - Theresa is an IA in our Life Skills 1 room.  I admire Theresa so much for the work that she does and the difficulty of her position.  Theresa has one of the more thankless jobs in our school as so often she works tirelessly for the littlest improvements.  But Theresa is patient and has such a heart for our kids.  We need people like Theresa on our campus so much!

In Closing....

I wrote a blog post this week called "Speaking Louder than Words" and I loved this video that shows just how our actions affect those around us.

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