Saturday, January 28, 2017

You Matter

This week on our weekly #KidsDeserveIt chat on Twitter we talked about "Adults are Just Big Kids".  As we did the chat and I saw the myriad of comments online, I was brought back to one thing...we long to be noticed.  To be told that we matter.  To hear someone say "I see you and the work you're doing".

One thing we try to do here at Webb is find ways to celebrate each other.  There's always ways we could do better and grow in that area, because the truth is that you can never hear how valuable you are enough.

The conversations come up often, in my social cirlces, about the staff we have at Webb.  Sometimes administrators, or teachers, will talk about how much better things would be if "so and so" wasn't there.  But I look at our team, and at every one of our students, and I am so thankful for each of you/them.  Everyone, yes EVERY one, brings something valuable to our team and valuable to this school.  Sometimes, especially with difficult children, it's hard to see in the moment. But who are we to determine that a child isn't worth the work, or that an adult can bring nothing good?

Take time this week to find ways to build others up.  Use our You Matter GForm, plan a surprise lunch, bring their favorite coffee, cover someone's class for 15 minutes during your conference.  We're all in this together and it's going to take us building each other up every day to work through everything!

Week at a Glance

Monday - Pendana Field Trip - 9:15am-2:15pm
Tuesday - Math Vertical - 3:30pm - TP Room
Staff Workout - 4pm
Staff Bowling - 5:00pm - Info Below
Wednesday - Bible Study - 7am
Thursday - Team Leader Meeting - 7am
Staff Workout - 4pm

Staff Bowling

We will have our January Staff Outing at Grand Station in College Station on Tuesday at 5pm!  They won't let us reserve any lanes, so we're hoping it won't be too busy! We hope you can join us as it shouldn't be more than $10 a person!

Book Study

As you know, everyone got a copy of "The Energy Bus".  This week during PLC time we'll be discussing the first THREE chapters: "Flat Tire", "Good News and Bad News", and "The Long Walk Home".  The following teams do not have PLC time this week so the time we'll meet is listed below...

2nd Grade - 9:05am - Tuesday
Office Staff - 9:00am- Wednesday
Camp Teachers - 3:30pm - Wednesday
PreK IAs - 12:00 - Wednesday
PreK - 12:30 - Wednesday
SPED, Library, and All Other IAs - 3:30pm - Thursday


If you have not been recorded for whatever reason, please email Mr. Marvel with dates and times for this week.  We would like to be finished by the end of this week.  

Also, please remember to write up a reflection, rate your areas of refinement from TTESS, and schedule a follow up meeting with your TTESS appraiser.

Bus Rider Info

Please update your transportation rosters in the binder in the gym.  There are many students who have changed the way they go home since the beginning of the year.

PLC Time

This week during PLC time we will meet with ELA teachers.  BUT all team members will need to be there for the first part to discuss "The Energy Bus", and then Aaron will meet with Math Teachers to talk testing accommodations.  ELA teachers, please bring the resource from which you pull most of your ELAR lessons.

Monday - 1st Grade
Tuesday - Kindergarten
Wednesday - 5th Grade
Thursday - 4th Grade
Friday - 3rd Grade

KDI Sequel

It's official! I signed the book contract on "Kids Deserve It: Stories from Webb" on Friday!  I announced publicly that I signed a contract, but will be releasing an official statement sometime this week that it will be about Webb!  Once I release that, you can tell anyone you want, anywhere you want, about the book!

I've started reaching out to staff about writing stories. I would love EVERY voice featured in this book. Including custodians, office staff, cafeteria workers, IAs.....everyone.

When planning with my publisher, we also have some creative ways to involve students and parents in the process as well!  The publisher is VERY excited about this book :-)

If you are nervous about writing or not sure what to write about, please meet with me.  You can write, I can interview you and write for you to approve, or you can use a ghost writer.  There are many options to alleviate any fears of writing. (And YES, every thing we ALL write, goes through an Editor who fixes everything and makes us all sound better, so don't worry!!)

I will probably start planning meetings with everyone throughout the next month to talk too!  The set in stone deadline is December 31st for this book to be finished writing, but I am hoping to have it done by August, so we can release it in time for the holidays!

Admin Video Lessons

Please make sure that all certified teachers have watched one of our admin lessons and left feedback in the Google Form by Monday.

Please take the time to fill out THIS Google Form

T-TESS Rubric is HERE.


Vivian Stenseth - January 31
Lisa Marsh - February 3rd
Brittany Taylor - February 5th


Boosterthon was a HUGE success because of YOU!! Our goal was set at $7,500....and with that we were being overly optimistic. To put in perspective, our typical Webb Fundraisers raise about $3,500.

Well, it just goes to prove yet again, to keep expectations HIGH and never count kids out regardless of their socioeconomic status.  Once we collect all money, and pay Boosterthon, we will have about $11,000 to keep.  Yes, you read that right.  WOW!!!!  THANK YOU for all you did to help push getting pledges!  Now we move into the collection stage for the next few weeks!

Reading to Classes

This week I would like to read to PreK and Life Skills/PPCD classes.  Please email me a few time/day options that work for you.

Kids Deserve It

This week featured the AMAZING Jennifer LaGarde.


Rockstar Educators

KVon Lambert - KVon is one of our Kindergarten teachers.  What I love about KVon is her hunger to get better.  She speaks her mind and takes advice wonderfully.  I love watching her interact with her students, hold them to high standards, and love on them.  I am so thankful that we have educators like KVon who are never happy with just being status quo and always want to be better for their kids.

Kheli LaBlue - Kheli is one of our 1st grade teachers.  Kheli has such a quiet powerful presence about her.  She connects deeply to her students and always speaks to them so lovingly.  She always trying new things and doing whatever she can to get her kids where they need to be.  I am thankful for teachers like Kheli who lead powerfully with kindness and strength that don't require a loud voice or commanding presence.

Lucille Glass - Lucille is one our Life Skill IAs.  But Lucille is so much more than that.  Lucille is so committed to serving our often most underserved kids.  Lucille's job is probably one of the most difficult jobs on our campus.  But she shows up every day, puts a smile on, and works tirelessly for our students.  If you haven't spent time hugging, building up, or getting to know Lucille, I hope this week you do, because the work she does and the effort she puts in is inspiring.

In Closing....

We all need to remind each other that we matter and that we are seen.  That the work we do doesn't go unnoticed.

But we also need to laugh.  Laugh at ourselves, our students, our circumstances, whatever.  Laughter can heal any bad day.  Here is a great video that had me laughing.

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