Sunday, August 16, 2015

Patience, Positivity, and Passion

I can't tell you enough how exciting it was for me to finally be able to bring this new Webb Elementary family together!  I just know, after many of the interactions this past week, that we are going to accomplish some incredible things together!

I have loved so much already getting to know each of you.  I have much appreciated your patience, loved seeing your positivity, and most of all enjoyed watching your come alive when talking about your students, this school, or kids in general!  You guys are passionate and that is just what we need!

I think about when I was working in my former school when I was a classroom teacher.  So many things are thrown your way and so many different unexpected things pop up.  As an educator, I always have the ability to choose to sit and pout or complain, or I had the ability to find a solution to make things better and find a bright side to every situation.  As we continue to stretch and grow and push ourselves this year, I hope each and every one of us can work TOGETHER to find the best solutions to problems that arise so we can be our best for kids.  No kid wants a sour, negative, pouty teacher.  They want life, fun, and love!  Our kids deserve it.

We've got another busy week ahead of us, and most importantly, we have Meet the Teacher this Thursday!!!  I can't wait to bring all our new students onto campus this week.

In case you needed a refresher, HERE is a link to our always changing schedule for this week.

A few things to note:


If you have NOT joined our Remind group you need to TODAY.  This is our emergency phone tree, and is not an option.

You can join one of two ways.  You can download the Remind app, click "join a class" and type in "@15webb"

Or you can text like below

This Year
If you have NOT shared a Google Doc with Aaron Marvel, please do so by the end of the day Monday.  These were due this past Friday.  If you need a refresher, here are the sentence starters.....

This year, I want...
My biggest hope for 15-16...
I wonder...
What if...
My students....
I commit to...
I’m going to work on....

EduHero and Insurance

Finish your EduHero trainings by August 31st!!  Don't wait until the last minute!

Make sure you have completed your online insurance sign up/denial.  Remember you will have time to meet with someone F2F at the Symposium if you wish.


I would highly suggest you attend the symposium sessions over grant writing so that you can submit grants this year for things you may want!!  I will also be doing a Twitter 101 session Tuesday morning if you wanna learn more about Twitter!  HERE is a link to the entire schedule. And join the Symposium Remind group for reminders and door prizes! Join using "@nisd2015"

Crash Course

Most importantly, don't forget to read the introduction and Chapter one of "Crash Course" that you were given!  We will have a book talk Wednesday morning about it!

Your Genius

Make sure you submit your genius title by Monday afternoon so we can turn them into Cindy!  HERE Is where you can do that.


In order for Cindy and me to update laptops and get the right technology into your classrooms, this is a reminder to fill this out for us as well.  HERE is the form.


Here are a few of my favorite blogs/articles from this past week

Never Slam the Door

What Happened When Our School Stopped Assigning Nightly Homework?


What's Your One Wish For Education?

14 Things Teachers Should Never Do on the First Day of School

A Few Ideas for Parent Engagement


Research Based Literacy Strategies for All Young Children

Transforming Your School into a School of Excellence


My goal is to every week introduce you to a few more amazing people to connect with and learn from online through Twitter!  I will also be doing a Twitter 101 Session at the Symposium on Tuesday morning if you want to come!  Here are a few more of my favorites and feel free to tweet them, meet them, ask for ideas, opinions, advice. That's why we get on twitter to share our story, connect, get help:

Adam Welcome - Elementary Principal in California
Jennifer LaGarde - Digital Literacy Specialist (and Librarian) in North Carolina
Jed Dearbury - Educator in North Carolina
Amber Teamann - Elementary Principal in Texas
Kim Bearden - Author and Educator in Georgia

Upcoming Important Things!

Convocation is at 9am at Brosig Auditorium on Monday

Meet the Teacher is Thursday from 5:00-7:00pm.  You don't have to arrive at work until 11am that day!  Dress code is Webb Elementary Shirt

Finally,  we are working diligently to get you your class rosters.  As of now, we will NOT be sending home letters that tell parents who their teacher will be.  They will have to find out the night of Meet The Teacher.  We apologize for this, but there are many unforeseen issues with Skyward and the redistricting.  I will send a letter out on Monday to parents explaining.  We would rather not inform them yet of their teacher and then have to change it again later.  Please do not go into Skyward.  There are many changes taking place.

We expect to have lists out to you on Wednesday and will ask you to call families, inviting them to Meet the Teacher.

We will provide more insight into meet the teacher night on Wednesday with all staff.

Thank you guys so much for your hard work, patience, and more as we get this year started out!  I truly believe incredible things are going to happen this year and with all of us working together there really isn't anything we can't accomplish.

Here's to another week!

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