Sunday, November 1, 2015

Why We Teach

We're at that point in the year where we begin to question.  We question if this was the right career, the right school, the right lesson.  If I'm doing ANYTHING right?  We feel our workloads are too much, the expectations are too much, every single thing is too much.  Oh and I haven't even mentioned when we throw our personal lives in the mix too!!

October/November is a time that is tough.  We've been going 100 miles an hour since early August, and because of our PSYCHO district calendar, we have yet to have a day off.  A day for ourselves.  It begins to feel like the weight of the world is on our chest.

But when do we learn the most about ourselves?  We learn the most when we're pushed.  When we're uncomfortable.  When we struggle.

This time of the year is tough.  But we have to remember to lean on each other for support.  We can't be afraid to ask for help, or even a 15 minute break.  Thanksgiving is only 3 (YES THREE) weeks away!  We can do this.  Let's give our kids the best of ourselves these next couple of weeks!!  WE can do this.

Book Talk

This week we will be discussing THREE chapters (so we can finish on time)  They are "Bonding", "Creativity", and "Improvisation".

We have time, for what we MAKE time for.  So I am asking you to make time to read these three chapters this week.  I will have a some sorta cool news (I think it's cool) to announce on Wednesday after the book talk as well!!

Team Planning

It is important that you bring with you the following things to Team Planning this week:
- Bring an idea for one station that kids could work on in your class.
- Bring your data binders.  We will be looking closely at these each week.

Monday - 5th Grade
Tuesday - 4th Grade
Wednesday - Kinder
Thursday - 2nd Grade (after school from 3:30-4:00 will be 3rd Grade)
Friday - 1st Grade

Important Things This Week

Tuesday - Garret, Marvel, French will be off campus at a Intervention Training
Wednesday - Team Leader Meeting at 7am
Thursday - Nesloney will be off Campus w/Gesch, Ident-a-Kid will be on Campus, Baby Shower for Alcantara after school
Friday - Jo Anna Moreland will meet w/you during your Conference
Saturday - Houston Zoo Educator Day (if you signed up)

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are due through November 13th

Weekly Video

Please share this video with your kiddos!


This week I encourage you to connect with, tweet, and follow these amazing educators!  Reach out them, ask their advice, ask a question, connect! If you do connect with them use the #WebbElem hashtag!

Don Jacobs - Administrator in Texas
Kyle Pace - Google King and IT Specialist
Craig Yen - 4th Grade Teacher in CA


Here are some great ones to read this week

Rockstar Educators

Here are our two Rockstar Educators this week!  Celebrate them!

Terry Garrett - Terry is amazing.  She steps up where needed, loves on kids, and truly cares about every aspect of this school.  Terry stays cool under pressure and isn't afraid of tough conversations.  Like most administrators, Terry fights so many battles for teachers that no one ever knows about.  This school is better because we have someone like Terry!  Make sure you let her know how much you appreciate her!

Kvon Lambert - KVon is a Kinder teacher.  This is her first year, and every time I walk into her class or see her with her kids I see her getting better and better.  She listens to advice, steps out of her comfort zone, and is so very good at what she does.  She loves those kids and it is so evident.  I am thankful we have people like KVon on our campus!


November 3 - Carolyn Hafley

Our kiddos love each and every one of you.  They adore you.  And I appreciate all the hard work and effort every single member of this team does.  We're ALL learning together.  We're ALL growing.  And as we continue this year, I'm going to continue to push and challenge you to step outside of your comfort zones just as I push and challenge myself.

I hope each of you know how much you are cared for and valued.  We couldn't do this without all of us stepping up and working together.  The easy road was never worth it.  The road less traveled, with the thorns, rocks, and hidden paths, is the one where all the rewards are!

It's going to be a GREAT week!

The world needs more teachers like these.
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